Free Weight Loss Programs – Recession-Proof Diet Plans Strong Enough to Pinch Abe Off the Penny!

Remember back when you had enough money to have NutriSystem send you your three squares and two snacks a day? Or when you barely noticed the monthly Weight Watchers membership fee being directly debited from your checking account?

You’re not alone. Unfortunately, in these tight economic times, the first thing to go is the diet because many people consider weight loss a luxury instead of a necessity in maintaining good health and fitness levels.

When you’re making a decent amount of money, it can seem like fun to visit the organic farmer’s market on the weekends, sign a yearlong contract with the new, sleek-looking gym in town or spend a bit extra to take the top yoga classes.

But when times are tough, these things seem trivial. Instead, you’re trying to balance the budget, while putting food on the table. It’s back to the warehouse markets and buying processed food in bulk to save money, and as a result, you start packing the pounds back on.

What people don’t realize is that losing weight is free. All it takes is determination and some scheduling magic to make it happen. And the icing on the cake is that you don’t have to pay for a weight loss program, special products, faulty weight loss pills, or a gym membership. Nope! You don’t need to spend a dime to get in shape.

For example, someone, just like yourself, who wanted to lose weight, started the Lose Weight Diet. It’s 100 percent free, and it gives you all of the tools you need to lose weight safely and effectively. It’s written in plain, no-nonsense language, and there are no gimmicks. There’s even a blog with a lively comments section that creates a sense of community.

The Free Weight Loss Center online gives you diet secrets, specific articles, and calorie counters and calculators, for a kind of DIY diet experience that can fit your lifestyle. There is a tie-in to a diet book that does cost money, but the free information available is more than enough to get your started.

Diet Bites has more information than you ever wanted to know about dieting-including hundreds of free diet plans to choose from. If you have any question at all about any aspect of dieting, you’re sure to find the answers on this site-all for free.

A lot of people might not know this, but the SparkPeople membership is now 100 percent free. If you need support and a community to turn to for encouragement, then this is the place for you. While their diet plans, recipes and weight loss tools are great, the thing that keeps SparkPeople’s members coming back for more-even after they’ve lost the weight-is the forum area, which features active message boards, SparkGroups, and even family activity areas to get the whole gang involved.

These are just a few of the many free weight loss programs available online. Don’t let the recession take away your ability to lose weight and feel great!