Flash Mapping Criminals

With the exponential increase in the use of the internet, the number of internet related crimes have also risen. This broad category includes various sections such as bank defrauders, hackers and pornography miscreants such as pedophiles. Safeguarding the population against such miscreants takes not only the effort required to bring them to justice but also tracking them post parole in order to prevent any further misdemeanors. In order to be able to prevent such individuals from committing further crimes, it is important to know their exact locations and also to be able to draw a comparative between their various areas of residence in order to study the nature of crime in various regions and also criminal pattern.

If we take the US map for example, we could choose colors to represent the states which have the highest number of such individuals residing there. Once a mouse over option gives the exact number of criminals residing in that area, a drill-down option could lead us to a map of the state where dots represent each city. The size of the dots can be engineered to vary according to the number of paroled individuals residing there. A further drill-down option could lead us to a chart illustrating exactly what the crimes were and also a police department-wise distribution of the individuals.

Once the police department to which a particular set of data pertain to has been located on a map, a drill-down option can lead us to the homepage of the police department where further information regarding the nature of the crime as well as details about the miscreants can be found. This data visualization comes into much use while planning out the distribution of the police force and also the tracking or overseeing system that is to be adopted by a particular area.

The maps can hold a very large amount of data that would otherwise have been incomprehensible and therefore un-analyzable. Once correct comparisons between various numbers are made, the police as well as the citizens can plan their precautionary measures a lot better. Based on an Adobe Flash platform, these maps are very easy to create and available GUI interfaces also make them accessible to non-programmers. There is several mapping software available online which allow such data visualization.