Fix the Xbox 360 1 Red Light Error

Although the Xbox 360 is a great gaming console itself, it has many technical errors and one of such errors is the Xbox 360 1 red light error. This error is named the 1 red light error, because one of the 4 green lights around the power button begins to flash in red color. This error is mostly coupled with the e74 error that appears at the bottom of the screen. Now see what exactly happens when the Xbox 360 1 red light error takes place and the possible ways to fix this error.

When your console gets overheated, it causes damage to the HANA and ANA chips near the graphics processor. The second possible damage is of the hard disc or the DVD drive. Thus, the damages of the scalar chips and the hard disc or DVD drive are possible due to the overheating. The console gets easily overheated due to its compact case. That is why to avoid the further damage your Xbox 360 console shows the 1 red light error and ceases to function.

There are two ways to fix this Xbox 360 1 red light error. Firstly, if your console is within warranty period, then it is better to send it to the Microsoft and let them repair your console free of cost for you. The only thing is you will have to wait for the repair almost for a month until it sent back repaired. Secondly, if your warranty is expired, then you have to pay for Microsoft $ 140 plus shipping charges for the repair. Moreover, Microsoft will not take any responsibility of the possible damage during the transaction while sending back the repaired console. In this case also you will have to wait for a month to get back your console. The second way is to repair your Xbox 360 on your own with the help of some professional guide. The professional guide will cost you for $ 30 and you can repair the Xbox 360 1 red light error almost in an hour even though you are not a techno-wiz person!