First Date Questions

You need to be a bit careful asking questions on a first date.

It’s perfectly okay for guys to be nervous when meeting up with a girl for the first time. They really want to make sure the girl likes them. But they’re also doing their best not too mess things up as well.

The end result of all this is that guys start asking the girl a ton of questions, to keep the focus on her, so they don’t risk saying too much that could offend her or turn her off. But you really don’t want to do this – And we’ll cover the reasons ‘why’ in just a moment.

The most important lesson to learn from this is: Adapt your communication style so you’re asking fewer questions.

And here’s the reason:

Look at the situation from her eyes: When she gets hit by one question, followed by another, and yet more questions, it will cease to feel like a date, and more like an inquisition! What could she possibly enjoy about being bombarded with questions?

And on top of all that, how is she going to find out anything about you if she’s being hit with all those questions? If you’re not willing to talk about yourself, then why should she bother sharing information?

So quit thinking you have to have long list of questions to ask on a date. You can do a lot better, and here are some great alternatives:

Tease Her And Be Playful

Putting your time into making sure a woman feels great is a superb approach to take. And one way to achieve this is by being playful and teasing her. And how should you respond if she starts questioning you? Easy. Just respond in a way that is playful and fun. An an example, if your date asks you, “Are you going out with other women?”, your answer might be something like, “No – Other men”.

Should this be interpreted as meaning you can’t ask a single question on a 1st date? Not at all. By asking the right questions, you can discover a lot of great information while also showing you care more about a girl than just her looks. You might ask questions like:

“If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?” Or, “What did you want to be as a kid?”

Above all else, you want to get yourself in a playful state of mind and simply have fun. Your first date will be a lot more enjoyable when you remember to stop the questions, and be playful instead.