Film News: 2010 – A Record Breaking Year for Cinema

Over the last year, we’ve seen a boom in blockbuster movies hitting cinemas in the UK, from home grown movies such as the latest instalment in the Harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, to mind bending thriller Inception, baffling audiences with its complex narrative.

Despite being in an economic downturn cinemas have welcomed more and more film goers this year due to the increasing popularity of movies that are using 3D technology, with James Cameron’s Avatar properly introducing audiences to what potential the emerging technology has. This has even fuelled the widespread acceptance of three dimensions in the living room in the form of 3D HDTVs.

Animation has also benefited from this technology, with blockbusters such as Dreamworks’ Despicable Me and Disney Pixar’s long awaited sequel Toy Story 3 being released in 3D. Their success is down to the quality writers and animators that are hard at work, writing and drawing movies that have a genuine appeal to every person, from the smallest toddler to the oldest grandparent. Toy Story 3Dlead the way this year, grossing a staggering £73.8million in box office sales last year, even forcing the highest grossing movie ever, Avatar, into second place.

Critical response to these movies has been overwhelming, partly thanks to word of mouth but also the ever increasing use of recommendation websites such as Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. These websites have helped many movies, including the widely hyped recent release of Tron: Legacy.

The industry also awaits its next critical hit with awards season just being around the corner. Forthcoming period drama The King’s Speech is widely tipped to win various awards across the board, as well as The Social Network, slated to win the prestigious Best Picture Oscar at this year’s awards. The Golden Globes is the first stop on the awards circuit on January 16th followed by the BAFTAs in London in February. The King’s Speech led the way at the Golden Globes with 7 nominations, followed by closely by The Fighter and The Social Network with six nominations each. The King’s Speech is not out yet, butfilm trailersare available on line.