Few Popular Medieval Sword Designs

Whether you are an enthusiast collector of medieval swords or want to own one for seek of pleasure, the best way to find one is by scouring the online stores. Fancy and amazingly crafted replica swords are available online which are best to relive the glorious history of Medieval era and the chivalry of medieval warriors.

Here is a list of few popular medieval swords that are also hot sellers:

Adjustable medieval sword belt: This fancy sword is made of thick top grain black leather that provides a comfortable grip. The fully adjustable built-in frog allows a wide range of LARP weapons to be carried easily.

Damascus viking sword: This sword is an ideal way to relive the adventurous life of vikings. It is crafted skillfully from layers of iron with strands of steel to produce a long lasting fancy sword. This version is made by Windlass Steelcrafts of high carbon Damascus steel and the blade is polished with the fuller etched to show the Damascus construction of the blade.

Black Medieval rapier sword: It is a replica of the sword used during the 16th and 17th centuries. The clasp of this light weighted sword is surrounded by an authentic black twisted steel guard.

Medieval cross sword w/Plaque: It is a double blade sword made from stainless steel and comes with cross wall plaque.

Medieval viking warrior horned sword 44″: It is a unique medieval horned helmet sword with plaque. The sword is made from stainless steel and the handle is wire wrapped.

Robinhood sword: It features double-edged stainless steel blade with laser etchings and medieval blade pattern. The hilt of the sword consists of a black handle with cast metal spacers which coordinate with the engraved cast metal guard and pommel.

Using the internet you can easily find a supplier who deals in these fancy replica medieval sword. If you browse and compare the price tags then you will easily find a fascinating medieval sword that is best to relive the magnificent medieval era and bravery of the soldiers. The swords are made from quality materials and made available at highly competitive price.