Favorite Indian Cuisine in US


According to popular belief, Indian food and chillies go hand in hand. While this is not necessarily true all the time, there are some dishes that will definitely make you feel the heat. Indian food is perhaps the most varied cuisine in the world. Each region, city, state or even a street in India have their own secret and special Indian recipe to delight the people. In India, food is seen as a symbol of sharing more than just great taste – it is about making new friends, learning about cultures and spreading love. Indian cooks have about 25 spices on their regular list and it is from these that they produce curry flavor.


Tandoori food is northern specialty and refers to the clay oven in which the food is cooked after first being marinated in a mixture of yogurts and spices. Tandoori chicken is a special favorite in many places in USA due to its taste. Chickpeas or Chana is a well-loved vegetarian food in India. Several different kinds are available and used. Chana masala is one of the favorite indian dish that is greatly admired in US by some vegetarian community as it is good source of protein contents. Indian spices such as saffron, turmeric and coriander that are used in every dish of Indian origin has its great medical importance as well as it add extra flavor and smell in the cuisine which tends to attract more people to taste it.


Rice is the staple food of the Indians but it is given much importance only in the South. There are lots of dishes prepared from rice and the people of US like to have such items in their food as the taste of such dishes is good. Indian curries can be made of vegetables, fish, meat, chicken, lamb, and pork. Mostly vegetable oils are used for this purpose. These curries are accompanied by different breads like Roti, Nan, Kulcha etc. these are widely famous in US due to the blend of taste these dishes possessed.


Rogan Josh is a curried lamb popular in Kashmir where it originated and also in most parts of India as well as widely favorite in various parts of US. Another famous Indian dish is the Kababs. These are found all over north India with a lot of variations. Kebabs from Hyderabad and Kolkata are widely famous in US. Malai Kofta, Palak Paneer, Kali Dal are some of the Indian cuisines that are widely favorite among the US people.