Fashion Art Love- France

Known the world over only for the Eiffel Tower, France has a lot more to it than just the architectural marvel by Gustav Eiffel. Following is a glance at all that the country has to offer to tourists who flock in search of the perfect setting for love, arts and fashion!

Paris: Often referred to as the ‘city of light’ by the who’s who, this is one city that assumes a multitude of identities for as many people that visit it. Be it sunrise or sunset, or for that matter, any time in between, the two most iconic structures of the city – the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame, are nothing short of spellbinding, and it is only fair to state that many tourists have often felt regret over the fact that they can only do so much as take pictures of their experiences, and nothing else! But pictures and words can simply not match up to the feeling of exuberance in every nook and cranny of the most romantic city in the world, where intellect meets imagination, and the people are just about as friendly as in any other country, albeit with a touch of class, not to forget the immense multitude of fashion houses that have made this city rise to the stature of the ‘fashion capital of the world.’ Love it, or be bewildered by it, one simply can’t ignore or forget Paris on any count.

Mont St-Michel: The contemporary portrait of northern France, the abbey of Mont St-Michel rests on top of a small island that is surrounded by ramparts and battlements, and linked to the mainland via a causeway. It is said that the abbey was founded in the 8th century when the bishop of Avranches, Aubert, saw the Archangel Michael in a dream, and the abbey still bears a symbol of the victory of good over evil with a gilded copper statue of Micheal killing a dragon. The bay around the abbey is popular for its tides, which might have a difference of as much as 15m between the high and low tides, depending on the season and the moon’s gravitational force. Due to this, water only surrounds the Mont during seasonal equinoxes, and the low tide can see the entire area covered by white sand, while only six hours later, the high tide can cause the entire bay to submerge.

Épernay: Champagne lovers know Épernay like a Catholic knows the Vatican! With some of the world’s most famous champagne houses, tourists can have a truly unique experience visiting the cellars and tasting the most preferred alcoholic beverage for the classes across the world. It is also the perfect destination to start on the Champagne Route. Underneath the Epernayian soil lie 100 kms of subterranean cellars, which house nearly 200 million bottles of champagne for the ageing process.

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