False Premise Equal False Conclusions

From the beginning of the Iraqi war I have tried to inform the American Citizens of the best way to support our military troops. From the beginning I have stated that the best way American Citizens could support our troops would be by making sure their benefit was returned to them and their families. On talk radio all I was hearing from the host were “Is it possible to support our troops and not support the Iraq war?” Well for you talk show host I guess on March 5th of 2007 if you watched C-SPAN you found out that you and all your pro war American Citizens were not supporting our troops after all. Our troops’ loss of benefits may be news to you pro war American Citizens, but it is not news to us anti war American Citizens. We the anti war American Citizens, have been focused on the troops benefits from the beginning of the Iraqi war. If you pro war Americans were focused on the benefits of the troops more than focusing on the Iraqi regime change; then you would have taken a walk through our Veterans Hospitals, you would have went to the homeless shelters and spoken to the Veterans, you would have walked down the streets of America and helped the homeless Veterans receive their benefits. However, that is not what pro war Americans do. (1 Timothy 5-v-8)

Today March 6, 2007 on C-SPAN I heard a lot of elected representatives speaking on the floor of the House. I will speak about only two. Representative Dennis Kucinich (D) of Ohio 10th District. He spoke about his bill HR-1234. This bill according to him will start the process of our troops exiting Iraq. However, Representative John Boehner Republican of Ohio 8th District, who is the Minority Leader, is against bill HR-1234. I suggest everybody look into his legislation for yourself. Then decide if you are a pro war American Citizen or an anti war American Citizens. You cannot be both. It was an American lie that started the Iraqi war and it will be the American truth that gets America out of Iraq. (1 Timothy 6-v-4,7).

The following is an article by Matthew Schofield who stated: according to Moscow news many agree that Iraq is to the United States what Afghanistan was to the Soviet Union. “Eighteen years after the Soviet army pulled out of Afghanistan in a humiliating defeat that hastened the collapse of an empire many soldiers, who fought there, believe they are seeing history repeat itself.” This article supports Mrs. Fox perspective; when it comes to why our troops should not be fighting in Iraq. Michael Schofield of McClatchy Newspaper wrote the following article that I will try to share and quote. I read it in the Idaho Statesman newspaper dated February 18, 2007. His article shows the parallels of the American Iraq war compared to the Russian Afghanistan war. I will begin by quoting him quoting Retired Capt. Valadimir Vshivtsev: “They’re fighting the same war again. Sure, the political stuff is different but, the military result is going to be the same failure.

The political reasons for the two invasions were as different as the governments that launched them. The United States went to war in Iraq ostensibly to disarm a dictator of suspected weapon of mass destruction then set its goal as establishing democracy. Leonid Brezhney’s Soviet Union mounted its invasion in 1979 ostensibly to save communism in a place where it had never taken root. But Russian soldiers, officers and experts pointed to many parallels. The Soviets also arrived to flowers and smiles, fought with a similar-sized forced (by the mid 1980s) of about 120,000 men and lost about 1,300 to death each year. They arrived a superpower full of hubris, and departed humbled. The Soviet invasion also resonates today because of its unintended consequences. The United States and Saudi Arabia funded the Afghan resistance as means to curb Soviet expansionism, and volunteer fighters flocked to the scene from around the Islamic world. One volunteer, Osama Bin Laden, stayed to found Al Qaida and declared his own jihad; this time against the United States and Saudi Arabia.”

For the Soviets, Afghanistan was a total disaster. It remained a dirty secret for over a decade and still isn’t mentioned in polite conversation. Alexander Konovalov, head of the Institute of Strategic Assessments, a Moscow-based military research center said “The Soviets were trying to spread Socialism, the United States Democracy. But both arrived in losing situations, facing popular uprisings that grew with support from the Muslim world. And both confronted people used to fighting foreign occupiers.” Afghanistan had never been conquered and Iraq was an unnatural state; a remnant of colonial England. For former Soviet soldiers Konovalov said, “Most agree that Iraq is to the United States what Afghanistan was to the Soviet Union.”

Retired General Victor Yermakov headed the Soviet 40th army’s efforts around Tora Bora in Eastern Afghanistan in the mid-1980s stated; He can’t decide whether to shake his head or scream when he hears talk about how to improve the situation in Iraq and how to control Afghanistan. “All the future holds for American forces there are dead soldiers, and they will die for nothing, he said. There is nothing positive to be accomplished in Iraq.” My advice is simple: “Leave Leave Now.” He cited the U.S. offensives in Tora Bora as an example. His final words was “I was very impressed by the Americans gaining he said, gaining control of Tora Bora is a great accomplishment. I should know. I did it three times.” He shook his head ruefully, then added: “Unfortunately, the second I turned my back on the place, I needed to conquer it again. It is the same now. It will never change.” End of quote!!! (Luke 14-v-28,32) Again this article was written by Matthew Schofield of McClatchy Newspapers picked up by the Idaho Statesman newspaper; shared by Mrs. Fox.

So to you pro war American Citizens it is just a matter of time before you all will know what we, the anti war American Citizens, have known from the beginning; that our troops are dying in vain. The truth will set America free. (St. John 8-v-32) To you elected United States Representative remember you have two years to come back to us, the governed, and tell us what you have done to better the governed everyday lives or you are fired!

Mrs. Fox Speaks!!!