Fabulous Asian Cuisine in Palmdale


For some people, there’s nothing better than a big Chinese buffet. But this is So-Cal! Ditch the buffet; in Palmdale, there’s an Asian restaurant for the palate of any enthusiast of this ethnic cuisine. There’s Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and more! Many of these restaurants also offer sushi, so there’s no need to drive all the way to L.A. to find the perfect sushi bar. Unless of course, you want to drive for hours, fighting traffic for an overpriced crunch roll! If you’re staying in any of the fabulous Palmdale hotels, and want to check out some Asian cuisine, stop by any of these highly recommended and much-reviewed restaurants.

Malhi’s Indian Cuisine – Most people don’t automatically consider Indian food when they think of Asian; furthermore, it’s hard to find a good Indian restaurant, mainly because there aren’t many in general. However, in Palmdale, at 1233 W Rancho Vista Blvd Ste 825, you can find Malhi’s fairly easily. There’s also a Malhi’s in Lancaster, but it appears that many prefer the Palmdale location, for their friendly staff, and efficient service. The restaurant has received nothing but four and five star reviews from several online review sites, and not a single negative comment has been made! Indian cuisine lovers stop here when visiting Palmdale!

Uozumi Restaurant – This tiny Japanese restaurant is the sort place you only find by accident. Located at 38575 6th St E, in Palmdale, it’s a small place, probably not great for big groups, but has had shining reviews, for their authentic and very fresh sushi. Uozumi is reputed to give a genuine Japanese sushi shop experience, to all who enter. The value of the food does reflect the price, however, so if you’re looking for cheap sushi, stick to the local grocery store. The tempura also comes highly recommended, so if the price of sushi is shocking, choose another delicious dish!

Blue Koi Oriental Restaurant – The exotic name of the ‘Blue Koi’, seems like it might generate some popularity, but not many reviews exist to say much about the Blue Koi. The primary exceptional features of the restaurant, according to customers, are its atmosphere and ambience. The Blue Koi is located at 39224 10th St W Palmdale, CA 93551 in Palmdale, so if you try it out, be sure to post a review somewhere online.

Nopgow Thai Chinese Restaurant – This restaurant has also received ample praise. Located at 2551 E Avenue S Ste K in Palmdale, believe it or not, the menu item that receives the most praise is the Thai iced tea. According to customer reviews, there are plenty of vegetarian-friendly dishes on the menu, as well as a selection of tofu. There are also plenty of menu items for meat lovers; the Nopgow Thai restaurant might be the last on our list, but might just be the most popular Asian cuisine in Palmdale!