Eyebrow Transplants


Our eyebrows are a very important feature of our faces. The eyebrows have a way of framing the entire face. Almost nothing has such an impact on the way a face looks as the eyebrows. It is not considered natural to lose your eyebrow hair. And in the unfortunate case where it does happen, people are complaining about how their new look is cosmetically unacceptable. I strongly feel they have every right to complain about a drastic change like that.

Eyebrow hair doesn’t get thinner naturally, but they can be lost due to diseases such as alopecia areata or thyroid dysfunctions. You can also lose them by plucking them too often over the years, or by having an accident where they get burnt. Falling and wounding your eyebrows can also cause them to lose patches here and there. Or they could vanish completely. Some people do have thinning eyebrows as they get older, because of unfortunate genetics. But this doesn’t happen very often.

Eyebrow Transplants

Because of modern day technology, eyebrow transplants can be performed much like head hair transplants are being performed. It’s pretty much the same technique that’s used, but the eyebrow hairs differ greatly from the hair on our heads.

First of all, eyebrow hairs grow in every direction you can think of. Second, they grow at angles very close to the skin. Third, they grown only in single follicle units. Fourth, eyebrow hairs have much shorter growth cycles than head hairs do.

Especially the direction and angles of eyebrow hairs cause eyebrow transplants to be a very precise chore for a transplant surgeon. The single hairs have to be implanted in extremely small recipient wounds. They have to be implanted in such a way that they are as close to the skin as possible. This is to make sure they’ll grow at a small angle with regard to the skin once the healing process is complete.

The surgeon has to have an artistic eye in the sense that he also has to implant the hairs in the right direction. This is also required if you are to have a natural looking eyebrow after your eyebrow transplant.