Expo Attracted More Than A Luxury Brand New Store Opening Get Together

Six months, LouisVuitton two new stores will be opened on the peninsula Hotels Will bring in about 24 luxury brands, Lujiazui ifc International Financial Center rental spaces have been a number of popular international brands fighting for a space … …

Shanghai World Expo before, dozens of luxury brands will blossom everywhere in Shanghai, many of whom are world-class flagship store and some big-name first came to Shanghai. Industry that can attract big names competing to get together on top beaches, its biggest motivation or World Expo.

Vs West Huaihai Road, Nanjing

Flagship store, single shop into a trend

Huaihai road, a number of flagship luxury stores are paying close attention Decoration Many of them, “the world’s largest store” level the image of the store. Yesterday, reporters in Huaihai Road, Songshan Road intersection to see, LouisVuitton of Advertisement License has been hoisted on the roof of Lippo Plaza, the brand will be the flagship store to open China’s largest, with a total area of 1700 square meters.

ErmenegildoZegna recently announced that settled in Lippo Plaza, the new flagship store will be opened following the Milan, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong fifth after the global concept store, is also the largest domestic business concept store. Lippo Plaza and across the street from the Hong Kong Plaza, also recently opened a fence corner, showing brand-new wall. At present, Hong Kong Plaza, have been identified are settled more than 1,000 square luxury flagship store, including GiorgioArmani, Tiffany, Cartier, Coach, and Apple and so on. Lippo Plaza is in the south, who have two old French Concession Building is also about transfiguration, “Hermes House”, expected part of the opening of the Shanghai World Expo will be open trial. Huaihai Zhong Road in the western part of the 798 th to 806, then the series out Piaget, Cartier and a few home Watch.

Cluster of old luxury brand, Nanjing West Road, the upgrade also stepped up operations in Hang Lung Plaza had only one floor of the brands have opened a “shop floor”, including Fendi, Tod’s, LouisVuitton so. In addition, the Shanghai Centre will also be introduced MuiMui and TomFord the store, the two brands are in the form of his first store in Shanghai.

Vs Bund Lujiazui

Luxury seize new positions

This year, the Bund business district to restore its once again become a gathering place for luxury brands. Peninsula Hotel has been opened within the plan to introduce about 24 brands. It is reported that the Bund area will add 68,000 square meters of commercial space, with the financial services match the high-end commercial landmark in Shanghai will further establish the regional position.

Chanel concept store has opened at the Peninsula Hotel on the first floor, the shop known as the brand and even the world’s most elegant boutiques. Reporter learned from the Peninsula Hotel, will be on the opening of the brand include Chaumet, Chopard, Piaget, Prada and so on.

At the same time, and the Bund across the river in the Lujiazui business district is also high in gradually. LouisVuitton ifc in Lujiazui international financial center at new store, covering an area greater than the current 900 square meters in the Puxi Hang Lung Plaza, the flagship store. It is understood that, ifc is an area of 100,000 square meters of large-scale top-level shopping center, positioning the brand as an international gathering of the shopping line, known to the world the opening, tentatively scheduled during the fair. According to informed sources, ifc has a large number of high-end shops in the competition for the next full rent, except LouisVuitton addition, Gucci, Prada and other high-end brands will appear on one. In addition, withdrawal from parts of the United States and the United States department store brand also has the goal to re-election in the shop ifc.

Expo will attract a luxury get together

Luxury Peking University Management Jun Yan, program director, said that with the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai, Chanel recently opened a flagship store, GiorgioArmani brands began to store decoration, Hongqiao East Huaihai Road shopping district and a luxury transformation transformation, a new round of Shanghai luxury brand positioning will surge The upcoming World Expo in Shanghai will be China’s luxury market in 2010 focus focus. Luwan District Business Committee of stakeholders that can attract the top ten big rush Huaihai Road, beach landing, its biggest motivation or World Expo. As the Huaihai Road is the distance from the central business district recently Expo site, so many luxury brands are seen as competition for the “Expo gold mine” of the bridgehead.

Expo is coming to get together for the luxury brand’s money sent to it? Shanghai Commercial Economic Research Center, Ren Qixiao fast that 70 million visitors to Shanghai World Expo after reading most would choose to go shopping, this will be a great opportunity for luxury brands.

“World Luxury Association (WLA) Official 2009? 2010 Global Annual Report” also shows that, as of December 2009, the total consumption of luxury goods in China has increased to 9.4 billion U.S. dollars, the global share of 27.5% over the United States, stability luxury consumption country in the world runner-up spot. According to the World Luxury Association expects 5 years, the Chinese luxury goods market will reach 14.6 billion U.S. dollars more than the global share, or to become the world’s largest luxury goods trade and consumption centers.

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