Experience the Nature’s Panorama during Varkala Tour

Varkala is famous round the world for its exceptional beautiful costal landscapes. This known destination of Kerala Tourism is located 50 km north of Thirvananthapuram the capital city of Kerala. It is an ideal place for those tourists who want to enjoy their holidays in the lap of nature away from the humdrum of the city life. Beaches, resorts, spa and religious spots make Varkala a perfect destination to enjoy a memorable holidays amidst the serene and scenic nature. Varkala beach is among the famous Kerala Beaches with steep cliffs rising from it. Varkala is also renowned for its popular health resorts with many Ayurvedic massage centers. It is an important center for Kerala Ayurveda where tourists can avail an array of Ayurvedic treatments in its world-class resorts, spa and hotels. Some of the known attractions of Varkala tour are:

Varkala Beach:

It is one of the popular beaches of Kerala known for azure sea, silvery sand and an unending stretch of palm trees. The beach is surrounded by steep and rugged high rocky cliffs which are made up of red brown stone. The blend of the cliffs, brown sand and the blue sea provides a dazzling sight to the beach. During the visit to this beach tourists get panoramic view of sunset over the Arabian Sea. Apart from the scenic vista this beach is also known for the water sports activities like Swimming, Sunbathing, Parasailing, Scuba diving and windsurfing. This beach is also known for medicinal properties because of nearby mineral water springs where scores of tourists take bath. Because of this it is also called Papanasam Beach.


Janardana Swamy Temple:

This is a two-millennia old temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is among the most famous attractions of Vrakala which is visited by scores of tourists round the year. It is located on steep perilous slope and famous for the Padmateertham, the perennial canal and years old Banyan Tree in the temple premises. This temple also showcases an architectural splendor of South India excellent artwork. The best time to visit the temple is during the Arattu Festival which is celebrated in March and April for 10 days.


Anjengo Fort:
This British Era fort is among the known attractions of this place which is famous for its majestic setting in front of the sea. The picturesque location of this fort attracts each tourist during their Varkala Tour. Anjengo stands for ‘Anju Thengu’, which means five coconut trees. This fort was among the strongest bastions of British Empire because of its strategic location. Nowadays this fort is known for its quaint atmosphere, scenic surroundings and manicured gardens.

Varkala is among the famous tourists destinations of Kerala which is visited by scores of tourists from several parts of the globe. Some of the other well-known attractions of this place are Kappil Lake, Varkala Tunnel and Sivagiri Mutt.