Exhibitions At Breathe Arts

At Breathe Arts, we not only make transparent the procedure of acquiring Indian art but invite curators to curate shows especially for the online space. Each show lasts 6-8 weeks and features selected works from a single artist as well as groups of artists. All sales take place only on www.breathearts.com and our full collection of works is available at the commencement of the sale. We introduce each collection, with our CURATORS SYNOPSIS that offer a preview of upcoming shows and must-have pieces selected by our featured curators.

At any given point in time we have 7 online shows from solo shows to photography solos to group shows and tribal art shows. One of the most important exhibiton The Protagonists (exhibited from October 1 – December 31, 2010 on http://www.breathearts.com/exhibitions.php?p=11 ) at the moment is curated by the curator of The Serpentine Gallery, Rajesh Punj with artists like Jitish Kallat, Chintan Upadhyay, TV Santhosh, Riyas Komu, Sudarshan Shetty, Baiju Parthan. The Protagonists is a progressive survey of contemporary Indian works by artists who are regarded by the leading purveyors of the art world as the aggravators, the agitators even of contemporary Indian art. Established and emerging, they are all a reflection of the thriving social, cultural and economic circumstances in India currently.

The second ongoing exhibition at Breathe Arts is God for Everything(October 1 – December 31, 2010 on which is curated by Shruti Chaganti and the artists include Krishnakanth Jha, Kiran Jha, Nityanand Jha, Rupa Kumari, Neetu Jha, Rupa Dutta, Siddhikant Jha, Neelam Kumari, Mithilesh Kumar Jha. The Greek Mythology almost never failed to leave me mesmerized. Be it Aphrodite, Apollo, Hermes or Poseidon, the world saw Greek gods as sacred wonders. However, a small rendezvous with a simple tribal artisan sitting in his dusty hut at Rajasthan actually made me realize that I live in a charming magical country says Shruti.

A Photo Story(September 5 – December 31, 2010 on by Shalini Saran is a photography exhibition currently showcased at Breathe Arts I tend to take very few photographs, preferring to absorb the surroundings slowly. For me, the photograph, the end result, is but a part of the experience of photography; the whole encompasses life as one observes it around the frame. It includes a heightened awareness of light. In an effortless, unselfconscious way, I am constantly observing colours, textures and forms, and the way they change with the quality of light explains Shalini.