Exactly How To Get Over The Fear of Speaking in Public

To overcome the dread of public speaking apply the following 5 “P’s”…

1. Preparation

Prepare adequately for your speaking engagement. Firstly know your audience and what they expect. Who are they, how old they are etc? This can help when selecting your subject. Meet many of them first as it is a lot easier to deliver a speech to people beforehand.

Choose a topic which will interest your audience and will be worthwhile to them. Research the subject diligently. Your primary source should be your own personal experience and after that read up on topic. Thorough research will make writing and preparing the speech easier. When you are starting out it is easier to write the speech out word for word. If you are going to read the speech, ensure it is written in spoken English.

The more completely you’re organized the more self-confident you will really feel. .

2. Passion

Choose a topic that you are interested in and definately will interest the audience. Your excitement for the subject you are presenting will make it simpler for you to speak on the topic and that excitement is contagious. Also, you’ll have discussed this subject before and when you are presenting you will merely be extending the discussion.

3. Positive

Imagine a positive outcome. Create a vivid picture in mind of a successful speech and keep focussed on it. Right before you go on stage to present take many deep breaths to relax your nerves and really go overboard with your confident self-talk. Tell yourself how fantastic you are. The audience will react well to your positive demeanour as you approach the stage and start to speak.

4. Practice

Practice is of prime significance in building self-confidence. Practice as often as possible in front of a mirror and in front of your family and friends. Re-write your speech to make it less complicated to read and to allow it to be more conversational. In case you are going to be reading the speech, practice the tone and speed of your speaking. Lift your eyes up from the page. Practice until you’re at ease with the speech.

5. Persistence

After you have taken ones first step, the easiest way to defeat speaking in public fear is always to carry on doing it. George Bernard Shaw used this technique to help get over his speaking in public anxiety. To further improve on the method, develop a brief speech and deliver it often.

In summary the fear of public speaking is a typical fear, but it has been learned and can be overcome by using the 5 “P”s. The rewards are there to be claimed by you in taking the steps to benefit your audience.

I got through my public speaking fears by making use of an online course to guide me step-by-step through the process.