Email Supposedly From Zimbabwe


Some of the current scam emails come from far away countries and solicit people in the United States on a regular basis.  One such email came from Zimbabwe.  It tells a sad story and requests your assistance in securing a huge amount of money.


The man says his name is Dan, and he is the son of a chief.  Although you may be surprised to hear from him because you do not know him, he wants to assure you that he is contacting you in good faith.  He uses some actual facts and the names of real people in his email.


He goes on to describe the current crisis against the farmers of Zimbabwe by the supporters of the President Robert Mugabe.  He says that the President has ordered all the white farmers to surrender their farms to the party and their followers.  He says his father was one of the best farmers in the country, but his farm was invaded and burned to the ground because he was not a supporter of the President’s political ideology.  His father was killed, he goes on to say, and his investments were confiscated.


His mother and the rest of the family decided to move out of Zimbabwe after the father’s death since it was not safe for them to remain in their own country.  They took with them the documents of money which the father had deposited in a private security company in the Republic of South Africa.  The sum amounted to over $ 20 million in U.S. dollars.


Now they are political refugees and are unable to secure the money which is rightfully theirs.  They simply need an overseas partner to assist them in the simple and legal transfer of the funds out of South Africa.  They propose to have you become that partner to help them get the money out of the country.  For your assistance, you will receive $ 5 million.  You will also have control over much of the other money when it is transferred to your country so that it may be invested.


Of course, this is a confidential transaction about which you should tell no one.  It claims to be totally honest.  Just contact him for further details on how to proceed.  When they get your personal information and bank details which will be required, you can count on them systematically draining any money you have in your bank accounts. 


This is just one example of the emails which are regularly sent to unsuspecting people who may be having financial problems.  They might have some savings which they are nervous about using up.  This may sound like the answer to their problems.


Beware of such emails and never answer them.  They may be reported to the authorities.  Too many people are still falling prey to unscrupulous and dishonest scammers.  People who are having a hard time and are trying to work a home based business without success may be susceptible to bad emails.