Elephant Dung Paper

Elephant Dung Paper

If you’re not familiar with the making of recycled paper, you may not know that some recycled paper is actually made from elephant dung. That’s right; elephant dung is used to make recycled paper that is then turned into recycled paper products that we purchase regularly. This may sound like a foreign concept, but it’s something that is great for the environment, so you should find out more about the process before you decide one way or the other whether you would buy elephant dung paper products. Knowing how the paper is made, what the level of quality is, and what kinds of products can be made with the recycled paper will help you make up your mind.

Making Elephant Dung Paper

Elephant dung paper is made using a process that has been used for several years. Elephant dung is collected from conservation parks or from other natural areas and the fibers from that dung are cleaned. Once they have been thoroughly cleaned, they are dyed so that producers can make many different colored elephant dung papers. After the dyeing process is complete, the fibers are mixed with natural materials so that the entire mixture gets thicker and makes it easier for the paper to be produced. Once this thickening happens, the mixture is formed into cakes or patties and put into mesh trays so it can dry. While the cakes are drying, the trays are often put up against trees so that the sun can accelerate the drying process and make sure the fibers are as dry as possible. Once the cakes or patties have dried, sheets of elephant dung paper are pulled off the mesh trays. This is how elephant dung paper is made.

Quality of Elephant Dung Paper

Many people think that being made out of elephant dung makes recycled paper low in quality. This is not the truth at all. In fact, elephant dung paper is just as high in quality as paper produced with raw materials. The high levels of quality make it easier for manufacturers to turn elephant dung paper into other products.

Elephant Dung Paper Products

Once the paper has been made, it can be used to make many other elephant dung paper products. This kind of paper is often used to make journals that come in a wide variety of styles and colors. These journals can feature very plain covers or have more decorative covers so that many people will like what is being offered. Greeting cards can also be made from elephant dung paper. Since millions of greeting cards are sent each year, having an environmentally responsible alternative to cards made with raw materials is a great idea. Elephant dung paper can also be used to make stationery sets that include writing paper, note cards, and envelopes. A wide variety of products are made with elephant dung paper. All of them are great alternatives to products produced with non-recycled paper and are sure to please anyone on your gift list.