Electronic Medical Records: The Revolutionary Technology in the Medical Field


Electronic medical records are also known as Electronic Patient Records or Computerized Patient Records. These systems are developed to collect the health information of the patients or about population. The information recorded in these systems is in digital format and can be accessed by various healthcare providing companies located at different locations at the same time. These medical records include various details in the summary form like medicines, allergies, immunization status, billing details, test results and so on of the patients. The records maintained in these reports are beneficial for the purpose of making the decisions and attaining the outcome report of the treatment given to the patient.

Electronic medical record systems also help in reducing the problems of the patients which they face due to some medical errors during and after the treatment. The record maintained in these systems is also treated as the evidence of knowledge for further research by the medical professionals. Electronic medical records maintained through these systems are available at various locations which helps the patients to consult various doctors or experts situated at different cities or countries.

The electronic medical records are maintained with the help of a software, which increases the efficiency of healthcare providers or physicians as the patient’s record is easily available on the computer due to which it consume less time and also helps in reducing the paper work. This software is also helpful in reducing the data entry errors as the information is linked electronically which helps to reduce the possibility of missing any important information about the patient.

The information stored in this software can be accessed only by authorized people that help in maintaining the confidentiality of the patient’s records and if any authorized person accessed it then the history of login helps in identifying the person who accessed and amended the records.