Electronic Cigarette Options ? An Ex Smoker’s Dilemma


Electronic cigarettes are, according to many distributors at least, an alternative to smoking. Not a ‘quit smoking’ method or ‘healthier’ way to smoke, just a plain and simple alternative.

Many experts will be happy to tell you that an addiction is very often a part of the addicts remaining lifetime. Of course, one may fight and win a daily battle over the addiction in question but all addicts know that just a solitary moment of weakness can send them tumbling back to square one.

My wife is testament to this and she has given me her blessing to share some of her experience with you here.

As a teenager, my wife started smoking and smoked around 20 cigarettes a day and was hopelessly addicted. Several years later and she was able to quit smoking. However, more than 20 years after she quit, every time she smells cigarette smoke or sees someone smoking, all the old dangerous cravings return. Sometimes to the extent that she becomes an ‘active’ and almost willing passive smoker, attempting to inhale second hand smoke from around her.

On a recent holiday whilst relaxing by the swimming pool, we noticed that on either side of us, couples had lit up and were smoking. The temptation for my wife was unbearable and she had to move. I had to move too because I wanted to sit with my wife, but if had remained I would have had to cough and splutter through the rest of the day!

Whilst in the process of writing many articles about the issues surrounding the electronic cigarette, my wife has often raised a curious eyebrow and wondered what all the fuss was about.

So, do electronic cigarettes make for a ‘good’ alternative to smoking regular tobacco cigarettes? Well, I am neither a doctor nor scientist so all I can offer you are the opinions and thoughts of those that it matters to the most.

As with most of my articles on the subject, in order to make a valid point, it is necessary to explain that an electronic cigarette delivers nicotine to its user but is completely free from tobacco.

The dangers of tobacco are well known and it is because of this that many smokers, in their search for something that might be ‘less dangerous’ have turned to the e cigarette with its promise of ‘no tobacco’!

I have spoken to many people who have turned their backs on tobacco and hailed e cigs as a great success, some claiming that they made them feel both fitter and healthier within days of switching.

My wife, whilst glad she was able to quit, despite the daily struggle thinks that a ‘tobacco free’ electronic cigarette is a great idea and offers some hope to all those addicted to regular cigarettes.