Electronic Archive Systems

All companies face the age old problem of storing their paper work in a suitable document management system that they can easily access files should the need arise.

With paper storage, there are several issues. For a start, you must find a convenient space so that the documents are not in the way but can also easily be reached in case you need to look over them.

Secondly, it can be very time consuming to archive and categories these documents in an orderly fashion often diverting members of staff away from their daily task load.

With business document management, often there are legal requirements that certain items should be kept for a particular length of time, in addition to you wanting to keep records of work that you have completed.

There is also the problem that your paper storage system relies on being thoroughly maintained, so that files are not misplaced or stored in the wrong area, and that they are returned to the correct location after use.

However, one convenient alternative to filing paperwork is an online document management system, where copies of each item are electronically scanned and stored virtually on a computer system.

Using an online system is more convenient, multiple users can easily access files at the same time and you can ensure items are stored in the correct order.

Plus, password protection offers an extra level of security that is not provided with physical paper storage after all, anyone can access a storage room and get hold of confidential files or important legal information.

At Capita, we can advise and assist with a range of electronic document management systems to help you migrate your archiving over to an online system.

We will help you to duplicate and centralise your filing in an easy to manage computerised archive, so you can eradicate the need to store paperwork in boxes.