Elance Tips to Help With Your Pet Products Selling

Elance Tips to Help With Your Pet Products Selling

There’s no need to go it alone in the business world when you can get plenty of affordable help through freelance bid sites like Elance.com. It’s free to post your project, or you can pay a small amount to upgrade, using an Escrow account for your winning bidder(s). Find out all the details at their website and hang around their Water Cooler area to network with fellow buyers and with service providers.

For now, let’s browse their project categories and see how they can help your business grow:

Admin Support – As your business grows, you won’t want to handle all the support tickets, phone calls, project task logging, etc. by yourself. Hire someone to help, part time or full time. Hire a virtual assistant AKA a VA, or an entire outsource team so you have a manger to hire more help as needed, and guide them and replace them during vacations, sick time, etc. as needed.

Design & Multimedia – Creating multimedia presentations to reach out to multiple target audiences isn’t easy. You may want to hire help to create a video of Fido using your pet stairs for instance. You may want videos for YouTube or podcasts for your blog. So head here and post your project specs!

Engineering & Manufacturing – You may decide to make your own products like your own designer dog carriers so check here for manufacturing companies who can handle your design implementation. Get quotes from a variety of bidders, interview them online at your convenience, then choose a winner – or multiple winners.

Finance & Management – Bringing in the bacon may be fun; counting it and paying taxes, payroll, etc. is another matter. Get good, reputable help here and make sure you charge the right taxes for your dog steps and other merchandise. Get in sync with this winner and finally get your Quickbooks or Quicken files in order, once and for all, for Uncle Sam.

Legal – Have a disclaimer on your site? You don’t want to be liable for broken teeth if Fido gnaws through your wired pet cage. Make sure you have the legal documentation that you need.

Sales & Marketing – It goes without saying that in good times and bad, you need to market. So get help with this 24/7. Find service providers to help with our press releases, business and marketing plans, lead generation, pricing, promotions and more.

Web & Programming – Getting a website up and running is one thing. Keeping it updated as the web evolves and internet marketing changes is another. Get good, experienced here help. These winners can grow your business site for you, adding a blog, a forum, a classified ad area, a photo gallery and much more.

Writing & Translation – Why stop with your native language? You can sell to many different countries once you’re online. Get help with translation here. Note: do check with your financial institution to see where they accept money, first, and check with your shipping to see where you can ship and for how much, to keep within your budget.

Good luck with your project postings! Remember to reach to Elance for help. They are available by phone on weekdays and via email.

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