Effects Of Depression

.tags The effects of depression on individuals can be serious mentally and physically. Many individuals are not even aware that they have depression and feel they can just pull through whatever it is they are going through leaving themselves open to the depression progressively getting worse. By this time the effects of depression begin to take its toll on the individual.

Depression can have a profound affect on everything and everyone surrounding those that suffer from it, their work, and those close to them, especially friends and family. In work there decisions would be hard to make, and production slowed and at home interest in activities would be diminished with family unable to share enjoyable moments. It is difficult for someone with depression to show affection for another therefore there is diminished sexual activity. Those suffering from depression will also avoid friends and social gatherings, and lose interest in hobbies. The effects of depression can be quite devastating to the individual and all those around that individual.

Left untreated the effects of depression can get worse as the depression worsens. Catching and treating depression in the early stages is much easier than if it progresses. Individuals who suffer from a mild form of depression will probably still be able to join in activities but with great difficulty and be quite distressed by the symptoms of their illness. With symptoms of depression increasing the individual will have greater and greater difficulty participating in work and social activities involving friends and family. When severe depression sets in the individual will have difficulty taking care of themselves and their may be a risk of suicide at this point. Seeking treatment at this point may mean some sort of supervised residential treatment so the individual does not harm themselves.

The person with severe depression will have a change in their thinking pattern in which all thoughts point to helplessness and that their is no way out of the current situation. There are many symptoms the person can experience, from mental to physical. The individual can have aches and pains that they cannot associate with their depression and upon seeking medical attention for them nothing is found to be wrong.

Depression is a very treatable illness and seeking treatment is important. A physician or heath care professional can help the individual through medication or psychotherapy. Usually both medication and psychotherapy are used together as the medication only deals with the symptoms of depression.Psychotherapy can help the individual learn about where their depression is stemming from and help the individual change their thinking pattern to a more positive way. The effects of depression will begin to diminish and the individual can return to a normal life.