Effective Home Remedies for Morning Sickness That Work


About ninety percent of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy. The symptoms are generally observed early in the morning after a whole night’s sleep, and so the term “Morning Sickness” has been applied. Since this is very common during pregnancy, extra medications are seldom required, and the symptoms can be easily alleviated through some simple home remedies. In some women, the symptoms are moderate while in some cases morning sickness can be very bothering. There is no reason for tension due to this sickness as it subsides when the women enter the fourth month of pregnancy.


Nausea and giddiness are the common symptoms of morning sickness. Sometimes vomiting, lack of appetite, headache may accompany this problem.


There is no specific reason for morning sickness, and it is assumed that the hormonal changes due to pregnancy are mainly responsible for the disorder. Other contributing factors are

1. Deficiency of Vitamin B. 2. Disturbances in the digestive system. 3. Enhanced sensitivity towards smell.

Home Remedies

The following home remedies will help in calming down the symptoms of morning sickness.

1. Have sufficient rest and sleep.

2. Avoid rich and spicy foods and include lots of proteins and carbohydrates in your diet. Diet should contain sufficient amounts of Vitamin B and calcium.

3. Have your meals in small portions for the smooth functioning of the digestive system. Don’t let your stomach to be empty or overloaded. Keep some crackers, cheese, digestive biscuits at hand to nibble throughout the day.

4. Don’t get up from the bed abruptly after awaking from the sleep. Take few minutes and relax your body before getting down from the bed.

5. Drink a cup of ginger tea early in the morning. This is very effective home remedy in treating morning sickness.

6. Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and tablespoon of honey in cold water and have it before going to bed at night.

7. Keep fresh lime or lemon leaves always at hand. The fragrance of the lemon helps in reducing nausea.

8. Take a mixture of one teaspoonful each of lime juice and mint juice. Add some sugar and have it three times a day. This is also a wonderful home remedy for this problem.

9. Eating oranges in the morning and evening improves the appetite and reduces this problem. Moreover, oranges are rich in Vitamin C, which is very useful throughout the pregnancy. Avoid eating too much of citrus fruits, if you suffer from acidity.

10. Herbal teas made out of peppermint also help in reducing the symptoms of morning sickness, due to their soothing fragrance.


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