Eczema Natural Treatments – Items to Use at Home For Itching Dermatitis Rashes


Because there are so many products out there in today’s market that contain toxic and synthetic materials there are quite a few people who prefer natural remedies for eczema. These tend to be derived from very natural sources such as herbs, foods, flowers, and plants. Because the materials in natural remedies do no contain questionable chemicals they usually will not bother the skin for those with allergic reactions. Of course oils that have a nut-base may be a problem for some people, so be cautious of this.

One of the more researched herbs out there in today’s market is echinacea, which is usually discussed in the context of assisting our bodies in fighting off respiratory problems such as flus, colds, and other issues due to a low immune system. Yet, in addition to these benefits, it also has anti-inflammatory factors to help skin suffering from things such as eczema. It’s available as tea, capsules and in tincture form. Often it is mixed in capsules with goldenseal.

Another recommended home treatment for dermatitis is evening primrose oil. Some studies indicate that evening primrose oil taken orally can be helpful in relieving dry skin, scales, inflammations and redness. This is attributed to the fatty acids which produce prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are used for skin repair and digestion. Taking flax seed oil is also useful to fight skin inflammation and itching problems.

Probiotics are useful to take for those who may have eczema induced by allergies such as in the form of atopic eczema. This is because it adds health bacteria which can counteract the effects of antibiotics, environmental toxins and poor nutrition. Though you can get acidopholous and bifidus in some yogurts, it is also available at health food stores. Not all forms of yogurt contain live cultures so be sure to carefully read the ingredients. Foods such as miso, tempeh and sauerkraut all contain good natural probiotics.

Don’t lose hope about chronic eczema, but look into solutions to strengthen the body that in turn will help the immune system improve skin health and aid digestion.