Economical and Intelligent Quantum DAT-72 Tape Technology


In this competitive business environment, the diverse SLAs (service level agreements) enforce the companies to establish secure ways to ensure in-time availability of vital enterprise records. Additionally, the data managers also have to ensure that the backup storage system features improved scalability to allow fast, flexible and seamless business growth.

All of these powerful features are offered by the DDS (digital data storage) tape format. DDS has established new industry standards in small and medium business segment. The other common name of DDS is DAT (digital audio tape). Quantum has a vast tape media manufacturing experience and is well renowned for its exceptional engineering expertise, superior product quality and technical excellence.

Quantum DDS-5 tape provides an economical storage & archival solution for today’s information-intensive enterprises, SMBs, desktop workstations and branch offices. DDS-5 or DAT72 tape intelligently balances performance and affordability. Quantum DAT-72 tape can house native information of 36 gigabytes, while the DAT-72 drive provides a remarkable backup speed of 25.2 GB per hour (compressed rate). In comparison to the DDS-4 media tape, the DAT-72 backup tape provides 80% higher storage capacity.

Quantum DAT72 devices have been carefully engineered to deliver best total ownership cost and highest performance in its class. For more media flexibility and convenience of the customers, Quantum has developed internal and table-top DAT72 tape drives. Good news is that these DAT-72 tape drives offer additional connectivity interfaces including rack-mount, USB, eSATA and SCSI. This empowers the users to connect the Quantum DAT-72 drives with the leading servers and complex IT environments. Rack mount configuration makes efficient use of the data-center space. Robust DAT-72 drives and tapes can withstand the stress of heavy duty cycles and increased workloads.

Airborne pollutants and debris can affect the read-write efficiency and increase the error rate. In order to overcome this problem, Quantum has employed new “tape shield” mechanism in DAT72 drives, which helps to deliver consistent performance and precise data tracking even under unfavorable environmental conditions. The tape media of Quantum DAT72 is protected by a strong magnetic layer that sharply reduces tape deterioration, thus extending the media life.

With high performance DDS-DAT tape format, up-gradation of your back system becomes easy. Thanks to the cost saving backward media compatibility, you can also utilize your previous DDS-DAT resources and increase the storage value. Your investment in DAT-72 tape format will be secured, because the previous two versions of DDS including DDS3 & DDS4 are record/read compatible. Quantum DAT72 is the top choice for managing the massive data amounts, and satisfying the demands of time-critical business applications in a cost effective manner. Product names in this article are trademarks and sole property of their owners.