Eating Disorders


The reported incidence of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and compulsive overeating has grown immensely in recent years. Because the nature of these illnesses is such that sufferers are secretive in their habits, however, it is probably fair to say that their prevalence is much higher than anyone would care to admit. Without help though, these individuals typically live their lives with profound feelings of helplessness, fear, low self-esteem and a lack of control over their own lives which is only perpetuated by the illness. In many cases, they find themselves feeling hopelessly isolated and sometimes eating disorders can lead to tragic consequences.

Eating disorders are complex by nature, but at Los Olivos, you will find some of Europe’s most eminent experts in these illnesses. Having worked for many years in this specialist field, they have successfully steered literally thousands of patients to recovery using their integrated approach to treatment. As a multidisciplinary team, they are able to offer everything from full medical treatment to the finest standards in psychotherapy and counselling.

The philosophy of the team at Los Olivos is founded upon treating the human being who is suffering from the illness, rather than just treating the illness itself, and this is achieved through high levels of personalised care and customised treatment programmes which are designed to restore patients to full physical, emotional and psychological health and allow them to live much happier, healthier and successful lives in which the chances of relapse are extremely low.

Although every single case involving an eating disorder is totally unique, in many cases the illness develops as a result of very deep-rooted emotional problems which began in the patient’s earlier years. Facing and dealing with these issues is typically extremely painful and disturbing for the individual concerned, and so it is essential that the environment in which he or she is treated is one in which they feel safe, secure and supported. At Los Olivos, our patients benefit from a tranquil family environment in which they can focus on their recovery without distraction and in which they are assured of the highest standards of personalised care.

The holistic approach taken by our team is not only designed to deal with the direct symptoms and behaviours associated with the eating disorder, but also the underlying emotional and psychological difficulties which caused and perpetuated it. In this way, the time spent at Los Olivos and provided through our excellent aftercare service provides patients with the tools for long-lasting recovery.

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