Easy Tips To Enjoy The Healthy and Taste Of Green Smoothies

Easy Tips To Enjoy The Healthy and Taste Of Green Smoothies

We have all heard of the benefits of green smoothies yet many people are still not enjoying the benefits of these amazing shots of vitamins and nutrient dense drinks. Why are so many people choosing to skip out on these drinks? After so many diet and nutrition professionals advise us to get as many helpings of fruits and vitamin rich vegetables as possible? Could it be the green color and a fear that it will taste or smell bad? Well luckily for you green smoothies are easy to make and they taste incredible. Here are some easy tips to help you make some of the best green smoothies ever. Just get started by following these easy tips and learn what you like and soon you will be a lean mean green smoothie drinking machine.

Keep It To Five: What does that mean you might ask yourself. Well, all to often once you get started drinking and making green smoothies it is very easy to fall in the trap of mixing too many different things all into one smoothie. This could happen because you have no idea what to mix in and it also occasional happens from the if a little is good then a lot is even better theory. Well, with green smoothies it just doesn’t work that way. With a green smoothie honestly it is better to keep the ingredients on the simple side with something between 4 to 6 ingredients in any one drink. Also keep in mind many people add a bit of apple or orange juice to help flavor the drink. So if you are planning on starting out with making green smoothies and want to get in on the healthy adventure just remember to keep it to five or so.

Be A Fruit: That’s right, well again not literally be a fruit but make sure if you are getting started drinking green smoothies that you add some fruit. This could be fresh apple juice or orange juice to the mix. Typically apple juice works best with leafy greens and therefore in green smoothies. When you drink the smoothie you will find that the leafy greens really don’t have a strong taste to them on their own so with just a cup or so of apple juice you will definitely get that taste the strongest. So while it might look green and maybe even too green it will taste just like apple juice. Also carrot juice can be very sweet and a great ingredient to add in to the smoothie.

Drink Slow And Enjoy: Now the only thing that is left is for you to sit down and enjoy the drink. This is very important. Sure you can just gulp it down like other food you might eat and you will get a lot of great vitamins and nutrients. However, if you really want to maximize the health benefits it is important to drink slowly and allow your body time to absorb the vitamins and nutrition. Thus it is often best to consume or drink green smoothies first thing in the morning when you wake up or at night right before going to bed or after dinner by half an hour or so. This way it will be the main thin in your stomach at the time and by allowing your body time to absorb it you will be sure to get the maximum benefit.

Last but not least give it time and and play around with your results. Finding the right green smoothie recipe for you is not going to happen overnight. You might find you like some greens but then not others. So get started, experiment and drink your vitamins daily by having fun with your green smoothie journey.

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