Dyshidrotic Eczema Pompholyx


Natural Relief

Dyshidrotic eczema pompholyx is an often difficult and painful condition to live with. it often feel is like there is not much you can do for your condition, scratching yourself nearly to pieces from either itchiness or pain.

Since there is no cure for dyshidrotic eczema, just trying to eliminate those things that you think could be the cause could be a long and tiresome exercise. Back in the eighties this was just called eczema, no special kind of name, and not many knew much about the condition and how to treat it systematically either. Those who had this type of eczema just had to try and eliminate the possible obvious causes, and try and continue working with their sore and itchy hands or feet anyway.

Exact Causes Still Unknown

The cause the dyshidrotic eczema pompholyx is still unknown, but it can be related to various components including:

– Allergies from various things
– Dust
– Stress
– Materials of certain kinds

This is a list that could seriously go on forever , it helps to find out what in your daily surroundings could be the causes and need to be eliminate or avoided, it is useful to start this process as soon as possible.

A Permanent Cure is Still Not Available

Dyshidrotic eczema pompholyx treatment is available and is a blessing for those in a constant pain and itch, but there is still no cure. Usually the cream would contain ingredients that soothe the itchiness, and with that taken away, some relief is given for a short while.

People who suffer from dyshidrotic eczema pompholyx have plenty of tiny blisters that ooze liquid and it would seem that this is the cause of the itchiness. The hands or feet over time may get hard and cracked and this could also be more difficult to heal in the long run.

The more scratching the more the blisters appear.There is still no permanent cure or specific reason for this condition, even with all the scientific improvements and discoveries.

Dealing With Dyshidrotic Eczema Pompholyx Naturally

If you suffer from dyshidrotic eczema you will at some point want to look at natural cures. Unfortunately long term side effects come with medicines prescribed by conventional medical practitioners. Strong steroids are in many of the creams and oral medications that are used to treat this type of eczema.

This can lead to a variety of new conditions such as thinning of the skin, upset stomachs and a resistance to antibiotics. If any of these side effects sound unappealing to you then you might want to consider looking for a dyshidrotic eczema natural cure.

Which Natural Cure?

Although not clinically proven if you suffer from dyshidrotic eczema pompholyx to you may find relief with these alternative approaches. The itching and burning that often accompanies an attack of this type of eczema is particularly hard to deal with. Chamomile, comfrey, chickweed, and marigold creams can help to soothe irritated skin that itches. Baby eczema can be particularly particularly helped by these creams.

Another approach to the dyshidrotic eczema pompholyx natural cure is a change in diet. One possible cause of this condition is an allergic reaction to metals such as nickel and cobalt. Patients with dyshidrotic eczema pompholyx who have a low nickel diet have had a improvement in their condition. Some of the foods that contain nickel are:

– Canned foods
– Tea
– Chocolate
– Baking powder
– Cocoa

It can be difficult to maintain a nickel free diet, but it is one way to improve your condition. Avoid using instruments and cooking utensils that are nickel plated.

If you find that you suffer from swollen and inflamed skin then drinking rose hip tea can be helpful. This natural cure requires you to drink at least two to three cups of rose hip tea a day.

If you feel that helping your lymphatic drainage improve could be a helpful dyshidrotic eczema pompholyx then burdock root, yarrow, yellow dock, nettles, and red clover are herbs you can use to increase the health of your skin. These herbs should be used either in tinctures or teas to help ease the situation.

Skin Care

The skin care routine that you observe could also help you to prevent further outbreaks of dyshidrotic eczema pompholyx. Rather than towel drying your skin let it air dry to help prevent irritation. Using a pH balanced soap that is mild and free from fragrances is also a good way to help the healing process. Keep the skin well ventilated especially the hands and feet.