Dupage Divorce Attorney From Sherby Dianne Scurto, Attorney At Law

.tags Sherby Dianne Scurto, Attorney at Law offer free consultations to prospective clients. Their goal is to get all divorce issues settled before trial so you can get on with your life. They also settle things as quickly as possible for all of their DuPage County, Illinois, clients. In every one of the divorce cases they handle as an attorney, they want the parties to walk away with the ability to co-parent effectively. They focus so much of their energy as a DuPage divorce Attorney on keeping parents involved in their children’s lives, and helping divorcing parents maintain a mindset of cooperation and collaboration.

Sherby Dianne Scurto, Attorney at Law as their DuPage County Family Law Attorney, they handle all aspects of family law cases, including Divorce, Military divorce, Division of assets and debt, Paternity, Child custody and visitation, Child support, Adoption, Post-decree modifications, Spousal support, Removal. They believe it is still possible for parents to retain their relationships with their children even after a divorce. They also believe that children need both parents, even if those parents are no longer married. They help their Dupage County clients to avoid the costs of protracted divorce litigation, as well as the negative impact on the children and on the parents’ ability to work together after the divorce. They are the Oakbrook Terrace Family Law Attorney Keeping Children and Parents Together. When you are facing a divorce, you have enough on your mind. Your lawyer should be part of the solution and give you the personal attention and tailored legal representation that you need to get through a difficult time. Since becoming an attorney and opening their Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, law firm, Sherby Dianne Scurto, Attorney at Law has focused on providing personalized service to my clients. DuPage County clients appreciate the dedication and solution-oriented representation they receive from them. When you hire them, they are the one working with you throughout the process, not their assistants or paralegals. The divorce process in Illinois involves a few essential first steps like when you work with them; they provide a free initial consultation. The will assess your goals and discuss the best aproaach for resolving your situation as quickly and equitably as possible. Once the decision to divorce is made, one party files a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with the court. The non-filing party receives a summons and has 30 days to file a response. This starts the divorce process. Their approach can save you the time and expense of ongoing litigation. It also reduces the strain between you and your ex-spouse, which is important because you will need to function as co-parents to your children after the divorce.