Drawing With Portrait Illustration

Portrait Illustrations has always been the center of attention of many artists and art appreciators. Many people share great passion with the ever-lasting personalities, memorable stories and facial expression and body languages of the humans. Many famous artists of the past have created long lasting art to pay their regard to the beauty of human race.

The Portrait Illustrations began with drawing simple lines and inspiring plan, and includes different types of line art. Portrait Illustration can be performed using all the essential lines and sometimes, doesn’t involve shading and texture lines. Always start the Portrait Illustration from part with which you are most comfortable with. It can be either outline of face, eyes or some other feature. Many of the portrait illustrators use a projector to cast the image on the canvas and then trace out the line work. Moreover, it can be performed by drawing the image on the sheet of acetate paper and then transferring the image on the canvas, by means of hard drawings tool, such as ball point pen.

Coloring and adding basic tones to the Portrait Illustrations are one of the trickiest jobs as you have to lay darker shades and lighter colors one after the other. Some portrait illustrators prefer using mid-tones on the canvas, which are neither too dark nor too light. Their utmost preference is to paint the background with a least one solid color because the dark tones and hues of the portrait, appear more realistic. Moreover, addition of redness to the facial features such as nose and cheeks makes the portrait look warmer.  The areas under the eyebrows, nose and chin must be painted using red-brown shades. Whereas, the upper ridges of the eyebrows, cheeks and upper lips must be colored with lighter tones as such facial features catch most of the light. The adding textures to the areas of the face like hair, ink pens are of great advantage.

Portrait Illustration is a slow medium and requires a great amount of endurance. If you are bored, never scribble the Portrait Illustration rather, take some time out and come back when you are ready to continue.