Drake Tickets – Drake Takes Break From R&b To Rap

Perhaps no name in recent entertainment memory has made as big of an impact before releasing an actual album than Drake. Drake is now riding high on the release of his debut album, Thank Me Later, but he was already one of the biggest names in the music world before the release ever hit stores. He is currently working on an R&B-flavored mixtape, to be called It’s Never Enough. While Drake is undeniably talented, it appears as though he is running into a problem when it comes to completing the release.

According to an interview with MTV.com, Drake can’t seem to keep his focus on the R&B genre and instead is feeling the pull to create rhymes instead of melodies. He said that working with his producer Noah Shebib, whom he calls 40, has led to him rapping instead of singing. He explained, “…I sort of took a hiatus on the R&B for a second. It’s cool to do R&B, I love it, but it’s just hard for me to always commit to it. Because some nights, I get in there and 40’s beats, as melodic or R&B-driven as they may be, just have that right pocket that I just wanna spit.”

Even though he seems hooked on rapping right now, a lot of attention is still buzzing about his upcoming mixtape. He has already released the single “I Get Lonely Too,” which is a cover of the TLC song from their album Fanmail. He explained the new mixtape by likening it to finding someone to keep warm with during one of Toronto’s (his home town) bitterly cold winters. November is supposed to see the release of multiple singles from the new mixtape.

Along with creating his own new music, Drake is also lending his famous talents to appear as a guest on other artists’ upcoming albums. One such guest spot is on Rihanna’s upcoming album, Loud, which will be released in mid-November. Drake will appear on the song “What’s My Name?,” and he is one of many top collaborators on the new release. Rihanna will team up again with Eminem-who she collaborated on the song “Love the Way You Lie”-for a second version of their hit song, called “Love The Way You Lie (Part II).” Drake’s good friend Nicki Minaj will also appear on the album on the track “Raining Men.”

In addition to his time collaborating with Rihanna, Drake also appeared on the music video for a recent single by the legendary Rick Ross. The single is called “Aston Martin Music,” and the video features a clip of Drake’s remix of the song, called “Paris Morton Music.” Also featured in the song is Chrisette Michele.

If Drake’s new mixtape does drop in November, there is a chance that fans could get a sneak peak at one of his celebrated tour dates. He is set to appear in cities like Denver, Colo.; Universal City, Calif. and Las Vegas, Nev. in the early days of November, and Drake tickets for those shows are sure to be popular.