Downing Clark Hope Center Does Help Girls Reach The Stars

The motto that people at Downing Clark Hope Center follow is Helping Kids Reach for the Stars. Certainly they make sure that this motto is followed every day. At this hope center, the one thing that is bred into all the childrens mind is to hope and cling onto it. They do so because hope is something that gives people the freedom to dream and also gives them the necessary push to move ahead in life and take the necessary steps at the right time.

This amazing hope center is located in the mountainous region of Georgia. According to what has been printed about this center, this is one such center that really makes sure that the kids, the girls are kept safe and the environment they are in is very secure.

The residential treatment at the Downing Clark Hope Center is safe for girls from the age group of 6 to 17. Girls who have serious issues in terms of adapting to their current lives, who are disturbed at emotional and mental level, special care is taken of them.

The programs that they follow is designed in such a way that the training is both at the academic level, paying utmost importance both curricular and non- curricular activities and at the same time you can see that the special training is given for those who are ready to work. The job training is for the ones who are about to wrap up with their academics, it is a huge step in their lives; hence they are made to prepare themselves to be able to fulfil the requirements of the suitable job profiles that are most suitable for them.

All of us are not the same; in fact studies reveal that there are almost all human being differ from one another at some point. Likewise, when it comes to IQ, not all of us share the same level. It is often noticed as to how people with low IQ are let down by the society and how they are tagged with different names. At the end of the day, they are human beings like us and they need to be treated just about in the same manner. Going by this thought, Downing Clark Hope Center does make sure that girls with low IQ are taken in and taken care of in such a manner that they learn the basic and vocational skills to be able to lead a normal life just like anybody else.