Donating Menstrual Blood For Stem Cell Research

.tags Stem cells generally are collected from two sources. One is from adult tissues and the other from embryos. From the stem cells collected from embryonic stem cells almost any cell-type found in the human body can be obtained. But the different procedures can harm the embryo. Stem cells can be also preserved from umbilical cord blood but it can be collected only at birth. Collecting adult stem cells does not involve any ethical concern but its collection comprises a complicated process. Compared to collection of embryonic and adult stem cells collection stem cells from menstrual blood collection is quite easy. No ethical concern is related to this process and it is an alternative source that is readily available.

Menstrual blood stem cells collection procedures are neither unethical nor they cause any harm or pain to the woman donating blood. From a donor menstrual blood can be collected for over 35 years. Starting from the age of 12 years it can be donated till the donor is about 47 years old. Moreover stem cells from menstrual blood have many advantages compared to the ones collected from other sources. With embryonic stem cells one of the major problems is of immune rejection. Since the stem cells collected from menstrual blood of a donor is her own cells the chance of immune rejection does not arise.

At one time the idea of collecting stem cells involved controversies but with introduction of a new method the moral dilemma is solved. Both collection and the preservation of menstrual blood stem cells are easy. If you are interested in donating menstrual blood for stem cell research then first of all you have to get hold of a collection package that you would send to stem cell research labs for preservation.

So in order to collect your menstrual blood, simply follow some essential steps:

First of all bring or order a collection kit.

From the very moment you receive the collection kit, freeze the cooling packs that will come with the kit. Keep them frozen till you have collected the samples and is ready to send them back to the specified center.

To collect the menstrual blood you need to use the menstrual cup which you will find as part of the collection kit. To collect first of the two specimens this cup is to be left for three hours.

After three hours you have to take out the menstrual cup which should have at least a teaspoon of fluid. Now you need to carefully put the collected fluid in the vials of solution from the menstrual cup.

Once it is done before collecting the second specimen you need to put the first one under refrigeration.

Now for another three hours put another menstrual cup and you need to repeat the same process for collecting the fluid in the second vial. One of the vials will be used for storage purpose and other vial will be used to test infectious diseases.

When both the specimens have been collected, you have to remove the cooling packs and the first specimen from the freezer. Now you need to pack both the collected specimens of blood along with the cooling packs in the collection kit box.

Now your collection kit box is ready to be sent to the specified center packed in the courier box.