Dog Training Tips And Advice

Dog Training Tips And Advice

Here are some rules for letting your dog know who the boss is (or should be).

We all know people who are great at training their dogs and sometimes even their cats, but good advice is sometimes hard to

come by.

I have put this together to show you that training a dog is fun and quite simple as well. Take your time and don’t think

because this is simple advice it is not relevant because it is.

Don’t be too hard on your dog tho as he is your best friend too.

1. Set some rules immediately and stick to them.

2. Keep out of situations that promote inappropriate behavior.

3. Always observe your dog and provide what it needs to be cared for and attended to.

4. Supervise your dog diligently through undivided individual attention and training, and restrict them to a limited area of the house until training is complete.

5. Encourage good behavior with praise and attention always.

6. Correct bad behaviors instantly by providing positive alternatives. (A toy for a slipper, scratching post for the sofa.)

7. Never physically punish or force compliance to commands. This is always bad and may lead to fear biting or aggression.

8. Don’t play rough or encourage aggression or play at biting.

9. Expose your dog to many people, animals, and environments where you want them to live.

10. See your veterinarian if a serious or unresolved behavior problems persist.

These rules will help you get the most from your dog as quickly as possible.

Above all love your dog and he/she will love you back. Bad behavior can sometimes be stopped just as it begins but you need

to be hard but fair. Dog training classes may be the answer if your dog is getting out of hand.

Ask people who have trained dogs before for their help and advice. It might be a good idea to go to dog forums on the

internet as well. Lots of dog articles and advice can be had there too.

Whatever you decide good luck in training your dog or dogs.

William Stewart is a keen dog lover. he has trained his own, and others, dogs for many years. most of his advice is simple down to earth and easy to follow. Check out one of his sites at