Discovery Science Toys – Toy Shopping 2009

When it comes to toy shopping it can be tough to find toys that actually provide some educational value to them, but Discovery Science Toys do just that.  They have no lack in their “funnability” factor either – these are some of the most entertaining toys I’ve seen, and provoke a sense of imagination like no other toys can.

Some of the hottest-selling science toys this year from the Discovery lineup include:

Remote Control Moon in My Room – This is a lifelike version of the moon that softly lights up at night, the child controlling it with a remote (as the name implies).  It mounts onto the wall in a child’s room and comes complete with a moon phases calendar.

Sky and Land Telescope from Discovery – I hesitate to call this a “toy” due to the implication some people might understand as “less quality”, which is simply not true with this telescope.  It is a highly functional and high-quality instrument, but comes “kid friendly” so that parts don’t easily break and it’s completely safe for kids.  The magnification on this telescope is fantastic – kids can get a great look at heavenly bodies as well as looking at nature and other things on land in the daylight.  This is a great toy for entire families to use together.

Digital Sound Lab from Discovery – This is perhaps the most amusing of the toys I’m listing out here – it allows kids to conduct experiments with circuitry, “bend” noises around and learn all about sound waves – hands on.  One feature that may be especially appealing for kids with this toy is the fact that they can set it up as an alarm system for their bedrooms – something that more than one child might have fun testing out!

If you’re shopping for Discovery Science Toys for kids, the suggestions above might be just the thing – but there are a number of others to choose from.