Discover the Surprising and Medieval on a Romania Tour

Most of the Romania tours that you can take will include a tour of Bucharest, a very interesting city. You can also take guided tours outside the city, and see some of the most amazing castles, monasteries and cemeteries that date back to the Middle Ages. One of the royal palaces is the Peles Palace that is in Sinaia-Azuga Brasov and has ornaments outside and inside as well as painting and wood sculptures that are representative of the scenes of some of Wagner’s works. This is set in one of Romania’s most beautiful mountain resorts. The tour continues on to the village of Bran. Here is the famous Bran Castle for you to explore.

Romania holds such wonderful treasures from the past. There are so many things to visit and explore. In Bucharest alone, you can see the House of the Free Press, the Village Museum, the Herastrau Park and the entrance point to the center of the city, Victoria Place. On the way to Sibiu, you can stop and visit the Orthodox Monastery of Cozia. This beautiful church is on the gorgeous valley of the River Olt. Price Mircea, who was the grandfather of Dracula, Vlad the Impaller, built it. It was erected between the years 1387 and 1391.

On the arrival in Sibiu, which is considered a jewel of the Romanian Medieval times, you can tour some of the wonderful sites of Medieval Sibiu. You will be put up in a hotel in Sibiu or one of the quaint rural guesthouses. Just visiting the Liars’ Bridge, The Tower of the Council, The Protestant Church that dates back to 1321 or the Bruckental Museum you will feel the magic of the Medieval ages that are all around you. It will take you back to the times where the world was just beginning to expand and so many great things were being discovered.

Again you will move on with this Romania tour and come to the Valea Viilor, which is most impressive, to where the ruins of the Fortress of Slimnic and the Fortress in Seica Mica are. In Medias, there is the Gothic Church that has a magnificent alter from the late XV century and unique wall paintings that date to the early XV century. This is also the area where you find the Saxon fortresses, the most beautiful and valuable of the Medieval monuments, which are on the UNESCO heritage list. Some of these fortresses include Boian, Mosna, Richis and more but some of them were never preserved properly.

In the town of Sighisoara you might get some free time to explore and discover the untouched splendor of this citadel. It almost seems that time was stopped in this quaint town and you can again feel the Medieval atmosphere around you.

Another jewel of Transilvania is the town of Brasov. This town has the Old Square in the middle of town and within this square is the famous Black Church that takes up most of the area. All around this town you have the gorgeous landscape of the mountains that surround you.

So, don’t just tour Bucharest – see the whole country. You will never forget the wonders of touring Romania after you have visited it and you may want to visit this wonderful country again sometime to explore some of the places that you were unable to the first time there.