Direct E-Cig Reviewed: Is Direct E Cig the Greatest Smokeless Cigarett?

Direct E-Cig Highlights:

Direct E-cig #1 substantial important benefit; you’ll be able to get a totally free starter ! A lot of folks are off by the substantial upfront commence up price of switching to electronic cigarettes. When you occur to be holding back simply because of this reason, then Steer E-cig is your solution.

Why do they do this? Well, significantly like key tobacco corporations, they want you to use their brand and not their competitors. Nonetheless, you must look at Point E-cig most specially if you’re hooked on tobacco cigarettes. This may possibly be the e-cigarette that finally rescues you mainly because the expense is cheaper than tobacco.


* * Cost-free Starter – Get into e-cigs with no start off up expenses
* Combined cartridge and atomizer (cartomizer) readily available – it is possible to upgrade to the two piece design for much more convenience
* Three nicotine strengths – roughly equal to unfiltered, light, and ultralight
* Offered in Menthol or Tobacco Only – no candy like flavors to tempt
* Bottles of liquid refill readily available – a lot more cash on cartridges by refilling them by yourself

Point E-cig has some truly very good answers to asked questions (Faqs) on their web page. For instance, it’s tempting to question why the big gap between mg and 16 mg cartridges. Nevertheless, who smoke full flavor filters can purely take a shorter drag and their cartridges will last longer.

one particular genuinely impressive approach to e-cigs is the position Direct E-cig takes about flavors. When questioned about only two flavors, they have a extremely responsible answer. They claim flavors to candy encourages young children to grow to be addicted to nicotine. So, of you with kids may wish to that in mind when e-cigarettes.

Another difficulty is that some individuals may possibly be off with the notion of handling liquid and occasionally cleaning the atomizer. Yet, how several of people today deal with ashes, ashtrays, and cigarette butts? Looking at it that way, a handful of drops of liquid is substantially less of an inconvenience than sticking with your current smoking habit. Plus, you’ll be able to smoke an e-cig anywhere smoking is banned.


* Complete Starter : No cost!
* Batteries: $ 29.95
* Atomizers: $ 9.95
* Cartridges (5-Pack): $ .75
* 10 ml liquid refill: $ 9.95
* Cartomizers (single): $ 6.00

1 thing needs to be clarified; the cartridges come with liquid nicotine already in them. the liquid and refilling them your self is purely an choice which can you dollars. It is possible to, nonetheless, basically purchase a lot more cartridges just like the other brands. Cartomizers are a combination of atomizer and cartridge together in one particular piece.

Final Recommendation:

If price has been the main situation preventing you from switching to the smokeless cigarette, then you’ve got no additional excuses. Direct E-cig will give you a totally free starter . It comes with you will need plus a handful of extras. their web site and order yours these days. You’ll be glad you did.