Diet and Natural Remedies for PMS – Premenstrual Syndrome


Many women have to cope with PMS monthly. This is hard for them and for their families also and they feel like they need to do something about their bothering symptoms. The severity of PMS differs from woman to woman, but all those affected by it would do anything to obtain relief. Since there isn’t much information on the possible causes of this syndrome and since its symptoms are so different and sometimes not at all interconnected, it is difficult for experts to come up with a safe and effective treatment. However, it was discovered in time that certain natural remedies and dietary changes have a good effect on women with PMS.

It might seem like there is no connection between the two, but your diet and the severity of PMS symptoms seem to be related. Women that eat healthier and that provide sufficient nutrients to their bodies have noticed an improvement of their conditions. Caffeine is to be avoided by women with PMS and alcohol is only permitted in small quantities, as it might sooth the abdominal cramps. Fatty and spicy foods, salty products and junk food are not recommended either and a food that all women should include in their diet is soybean. As healthy as one’s diet might be, it is still advisable to take vitamins and minerals supplements to relieve PMS symptoms. Calcium and magnesium supplements are good natural remedies for premenstrual syndrome, as well as Vitamin B and E.

Dietary choices can make a difference in how women feel. Besides these, there are also other natural remedies that they can try to enjoy a life without PMS. Chaste berry tree is famous world wide for alleviating PMS symptoms in women. It is not clear how it does this and it is not recommended to pregnant or breast feeding women. Evening primrose oil is also efficient in women with PMS. For those that are terribly affected by mood swings, irritability and depression, there are natural remedies that relax them and calm their nerves. St. John’s Wort is one of them and they might also obtain good results after drinking chamomile tea. Ginko biloba, wild yam, dandelion and certain ayurvedic herbs are also good natural remedies for premenstrual syndrome.

Relaxation is of uttermost importance during PMS, but it is also hard to obtain. Many women try aromatherapy or hot baths to relax in those days, while others find effective to practice mediation and relaxation techniques.

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