Determining Nursing Home Negligence

.tags Many a times, it is impossible to take care of an individual at home. In such a circumstance, most families choose to keep their elderly under nursing home care. When you admit a near one at such a facility, you expect the best standards of care. It is sure to be a shock if you find later that there was neglect or abuse of the patient during their stay.

Majority have no idea how to detect these incidents, or where to complain in West Palm Beach. You need to consult a competent injury attorney in your area to get a clear view about the matter. Here are a few details that could come of help.

What classifies as a nursing home negligence case? Numerous incidents are within the category of negligence, from the severe to the minor. For example, the nursing home fails to provide adequate health care facility to the patient. It can be something as simple as the failure to provide clean bed linen, towels, and clothing.

What classifies as nursing home abuse? These are far more serious than the neglect issues. If the patient faces any physical abuse, or sexual abuse, as well as verbal or emotional abuse, you need to take action immediately.

How do you know there was neglect/abuse? It is easier to detect neglect/abuse if you visit your loved one on a regular basis. Look out for certain signs like bruises or swellings, bedsores, weight loss and so on. These may be the outcome of negligent treatment. Another sure sign is depression or fearfulness in the patient.

Is specifying a time limit for visitation abuse? No. Most nursing home facilities put down a certain visiting hour within which the family or friends may visit to ensure proper treatment and care. However, this restriction is not applicable on visits by health care professionals.

Where do you complain? Get in touch with the nursing home administrator immediately if you think there was any incident of neglect or abuse. However, if you want to recover damages from the injuries, just a complaint wont suffice. Florida laws give you the right to seek damage recovery from the nursing home.

Consult a West Palm Beach injury lawyer as soon as possible and discuss the circumstances. Ask his/her opinion about whether you have a case or not. If there is enough proof to establish the facts, go ahead and file a suit.


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