Design Characteristics of Great Business Logos

If you have handed the design of your business logo over to true professionals then to a certain extant you can sit back and relax and rely on them to come up the perfect logo. However, throughout the briefing and design process it doesn’t hurt to have a little knowledge about logo design so that your input can be more effective. Here are some of the elements that most successful modern logo designs follow.


You only have to consider the logos of the world’s top companies to realize that simple logos are clear, modern and professional looking. On the other hand, if a logo design is too cluttered and overly complicated it can make an organization appear to be amateurish, local and unprofessional. The reality is that in a market place flooded with so many brands, simple logos stand out more in the crowd and are more easily recognized by consumers.


Following on from the above point about simplicity is the next key aspect of scalability. Logos should be able to be scaled to suit all the branding and marketing requirements of a company, which mean that the design should be able to be used on everything from tiny business cards, all the way up to large vehicle wraps and signage on buildings. To be functional the logo should look great no matter what size it is.


Effective logo designs use minimal color to give a design more visual impact (some designers recommend using no more than three colors). If a logo has ‘too much going on’ in the way of color it can end up being confusing or blurry to viewers and you can face additional complications and expenses when it comes to printing. Blacks and whites are common colors and other dark or softer colors can incorporate well depending on the industry. Remember that your logo design will have to look good on your letterhead in black and white when it is faxed or photocopied.


Keep the font relatively simple so that it is easy to read. Different font styles can appeal to different consumers so give some thought to the kind of message that you want to convey. It has been a popular trend recently to use entirely lower case fonts as many designers feel that it makes a company appear more approachable. One example of this is the Citigroup logo.


A good logo should be relevant to what a company does but doesn’t have to be too specific as this can place limits on a company. Having a logo that is a little more abstract can offer a company a blank slate to build upon and they can feel free to grow in any direction that they like without being limited by what their logo says they should be doing.

Unique and Memorable

Your business logo should be unique in your market or industry. Trying to imitate the designs of competitor’s is a big mistake. If you have to seek inspiration from other logo designs then you should borrow from businesses in other industries. A logo that is distinct and original has a better chance of catching the viewer’s eye and standing out in the market place. A great logo should appeal to viewers and demand their attention. If consumers can remember your logo after glancing at it only several times then your are on to a winner.


To avoid all the headaches of re-branding your company more often than is necessary your logo design should strive to be timeless or classic. While you don’t want to look old fashioned you should find the right balance between incorporating modern design trends with classic design sense.

Conform to the Principles of Good Design

Good design sense is all about balancing color, space and shape in a way that makes the individual parts of the design work together in a way that creates a certain magic. Every part of the logo should have a purpose and everything else should be removed.

When briefing the designer who will be creating your customized logo and reviewing their initial concepts give some thought to the eight points above to ensure that you will end up with a business logo design that incorporates the right design elements.