Depression and Anxiety


After anxiety, depression is the most common mental health disorder. An estimated 10% of people who visit their doctors for what they think is physical problem are actually experiencing depression. But what if you have both depression and anxiety? Could this be possible to have both the number one and number two mental health disorders all wrapped up into one little package known as you? The answer is yes.
Definition of depression: A feeling of intense sadness that may follow a recent loss or other traumatic event that last longer than normal.
Definition of anxiety: Excessive frequent nervousness and worry lasting over 6 months.
Let’s examine a number of symptoms of depression and see whether they could include a dose of anxiety.
*Low self esteem
*Low self confidence
*Lack of enthusiasm for doing activities
*Withdrawal from social activities
*Guilt about the past
*Decreased productivity
*Difficulty remembering
With each one of the above depression symptoms a case could be made that anxiety was either the cause or a by product of that particular depressive symptom.
Let’s take a look at Sara who has been depressed for months due to the unexpected death of a close friend.
Sara has fallen deep and deeper into the grasp of depression since her tragic and traumatic loss over 6 months ago. She has quit going out with her faithful and handsome boyfriend James and her college grades have taken a turn for the worst. One afternoon James called to invite her out for a date. He proudly proclaimed that he had already made reservations at their favorite restaurant, and if she felt up to it, a movie. After initially saying “yes” she relented due to her low self esteem, recent weight gain, and the realization that she wasn’t looking her best these days. After hanging up the phone Sara was upset, nervous, and frustrated with herself. She wondered whether James would ever call her again. Months have passed and James hasn’t called leading Sara even deeper into the black hole known as depression.
The story above is a twisted tale of depression and anxiety. The fact is Sara really needs help but surprisingly new research suggests that 35% of teenagers and 40% or young adults reported having depressive symptoms for longer than two weeks. Only 12% of both groups reported attempting to find help. Amazingly, among those who had struggled depression for over 2 years only 15% sought out professional help.
Depression and anxiety are a serious combination that can lead to significant health risks including suicide. If you know anyone who needs help encourage them seek professional assistance, if only to talk about their situation.
Additionally, if you suffer from mild to moderate depression and anxiety a natural remedy could prove helpful. Natural remedies for depression are very safe and have been shown to be effective in supporting both emotional and mental health. If you are one of the millions who have this condition natural solutions for depression are an option worth considering.