Denim Care


A little extra care when washing your denims can go a long way in extending their life and shape. Here’s how you keep your favorite pair of denims in stellar shape.

• Wash your denims only after you have worn them a couple of times [ at least three to four times]. Too much of detergent can harm them and spoil the fit. Denim tends to naturally fade when washed.
• The longer you keep the denims unwashed, the longer they will stay in good shape. But, when you have to wash them, wash in cold water particularly if it is a dark colored pair. On the other hand, if you want a faded effect, you can wash it in warmer temperature.
• Always make sure you read the wash care instructions on the denims. As far as possible, do follow the manufacturer’s directions as listed on the label.
• Turn your denims inside out while washing as this ensures they don’t fade too fast and there is no damage to the detailing. You can also add a thimble of vinegar. Never leave your denims to soak for an extended period of time.
• Sort out by color and wash them separately especially if you are washing it for the first time. Indigo dyes tend to wash out fast and you don’t want lighter clothes taking the dye from darker garments.
• Wash your denims in the normal cycle using a mild liquid detergent. Do not empty the detergent directly onto the denim. It is good to dissolve it first.
• If you prefer your denims to have a softer feel, add fabric softener during the rinse cycle. If the waist of your jeans seems to have shrunk, stretch the waistband when the denim is still wet.
• Never use bleach when washing your denims. Bleaching causes discoloration, fading and uneven blotches. Also, do not try to remove stains by rubbing. Rubbing can take away the indigo and you may end up getting a bleach spot.
• Never dry denims in the dryer. Once it is out of the dryer, shake them out flat and smooth them out with your hands. This way, you can avoid unwanted crease or folds. Hang them up to drip dry on a clothesline. Put them in the shade to dry so the sun doesn’t fade them.
• For quick relief from wrinkles, hang your denims in the bathroom when you have a shower. While you are showering, the steam will help smooth out the wrinkles and freshen them up.
• Another strategy is to put the denims into a plastic shopping bag and keep it in the freezer overnight. This keeps your denim smelling fresh. Try it and see the result!
• While washing embroidered items make sure they are laundered with neutral laundering agents. They should be washed separately and do not soak them tightly into washing machines or wring them. While ironing, cover the embroidered area with a cloth and iron in gently from the backside. If you find any loose thread, do not pull it off from the embroidery. Snip the thread lightly and that’s it.