Democracy Reflected

(An Essay)

I suppose this is an ongoing question,”Why do people denounce Democracy?” In America this is often looked upon as a mortal sin, almost, and as President Bush would proclaim: the world at large should be under such an umbrella. Anybody’s guess is good here though, but let me try to explain my opinion, and of course it is just that, an opinion, and perhaps too opinionated.

Some folks in the world feel others are unequal to them, thus, weak to the point of saying, as Darwin would have said it: we are the strong, and because of that, supreme, hence, we should be of the aristocracy. From the times of Plato, to the rulers of the world today, this has been going on. Put in more blunt terms, democracy is for the birds, or better yet, for weak to hold the strong back, so dictators would say. Law is no invention of the strong to chain the weak, although it would seem so from a long distance look. Rather, it is for non enslavement, of both the strong and weak.

In some countries throughout the world, I can see democracy getting in the way, as well as preserving the way. Yes, I take middle ground on this fragment of the issue at hand. I am not sure if the Middle East, in every single country there, can depend on democracy to deliver them peace, for the attitudes of its people is inefficient for it, that is to say, a government for the people, by the people, sounds good in words, but in practice, there is another picture. And in the name of democracy, there has been many a revolution born. Socrates, an uncle to Plato, might disagree, Aristotle, a student of Plato’s might argue the point. Plato was rich to start out with, and Socrates, free of worrisome matters, they both had at their finger tips, as did Aristotle, prosperity; so if power and influence is given to you, the point of everyone should have democracy or no democracy can be voiced, as Bush would have it, democracy for all, no matter if it worked for them or not: he sees it from a different perceptive, the American one; he does not see, it also can also be a Catch-22 for a country not ready for it.

Whatever I say, I carry doubt with it, why, because dogmas are dogmas, no matter which way you look at them, as are opinions, it is how we look at things, and how we look at things is according to our upbringing, our environment, our societal and psychological views, beliefs, how we have in the past examined them, if indeed people nowadays examine anything beyond their bank accounts, but principles and values are also in the making here.

We can look at the state of affairs, virtue, morality, and come up with definitions, analysis, more confusion, but nevertheless we are bequeathed to our state, and to our state comes patriotism, and if it says democracy is ridiculous, and is not a virtue, which some will proclaim to be wisdom, democracy does not in their case produce harmony, nor can or will it.