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When Photo Print There are parts of the dirt or have dry Screen printing inks Solid, the screen should be decontamination treatment, stop printing after the Network box Up, some operators will then dipped in Solvent The emery cloth wipe hard template under fierce side, sounds great throughout the print shop are hear it, often damaged template.

A truly knows the business very little to force the operator template graphic printing surface friction, because he knows that all the clarity of printing graphic graphic edge to keep clear of the emulsion layer of graphic interface. Friction force can damage the emulsion layer graphics interface, and even erase emulsion layer, leaving only the bare mesh.

In the printing high screen color image, the thread following emulsifier film is only 5-6 m thick, mesh its own thread diameter may only 30 m, unable to withstand the force of friction. Therefore, the key is to avoid the rough decontamination should first prevent the template is contaminated.

Pollution is mainly caused by the template is the ink control properly, resulting in dry ink left on the mesh inside. The use of solvent-based inks or Water-based ink When the reason is that transfer ink thin or too thick it. Should be adjusted in accordance with the provisions of the amount of ink when mixed with Additive . In addition, often have little in print to increase the production of pre-stressed with some good ink, ink to maintain the status change does not occur Hua. The use of UV curing inks, should strive to avoid the screen by the UV light, which also need to avoid sunlight.

Another ink printing speed regulation control problem and to poor. Printing speed automatic or manual control for the amount improperly will lead to uneven, so that the mesh by the lack of rapid ink dry.

Cause ink to dry the final reason is the transfer of ink board improperly or has been worn to high screen printing tiny image level, requires the use of very sharp squeegee edge of the squeegee plate, horizontal angle of about at 75 degrees. As the plate in the normal use of ink will occur in the deformation or wear around the sharpness of the image would become poorer, suggesting that there may not be normal ink through mesh, if the problem is not solved in time, ink will to dry hole in the net. To avoid such problems, should be regularly turn of ink plate to extend the life of the squeegee side, or graphics for print quality has not dropped before the ink with a new scratch plate.

Order to play a role in the normal mesh, but also should pay attention to clean up ink or dirt on the substrates. As the electrostatic adsorption of air pollutants, and poor storage conditions and other factors, substrate surface coated with dirt, the problem can improve the storage conditions and process control to be resolved, another use of static devices and decontamination equipment can also be substrates dust and dirt to prevent the transfer from the substrate surface to the net hole.

If the template has been contaminated should be how to deal with it? Screen printing when using the platform, to complete a set of sheets printed after the printer to stop, and then enter a blotting paper to screen with ink contact with paper.

To screen at the printing position, and then dipped in a non-screen cleaner friction of soft cloth to wipe off the dirt surface of the template of ink, not too much force, it will be through the network of dirt Kong fell below absorbent paper, if necessary, re-use a clean absorbent paper to repeat the mesh. Some fell on top of the dirt particles may be large, failed to get through the mesh, but with a soft cloth may be sticky from. After cleaning is completed, available Hair Dryer (transferred to “cold”) dry template.

Pressure cleaning round screen printing machine, it will encounter different situations. As the design of structural reasons, not as clean as the normal screen printing wash dirt fell on absorbent paper. Fortunately, due to the faster printing, ink drying in the mesh are not likely. If this occurs, we must first complete a set of living in India when the printer parts to stop, and then use non-abrasive soft cloth to screen cleaner or thinner dip coated printed graphics in the top part of the template, note Do not leave too much in the template to the top cleaner. The purpose of this point is solvents brushing the dirt hole network.

Sometimes remove the template following the dirt. In this case, it should be with a soft cloth and gently wipe away dirt, do not force fierce edge.

In the production process should be more frequently used in the decontamination cleaning method to extend the life of the template, reduce scrap.

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