Dealing with Depression


Depression can immobilize you. Here are some ways to get out of this rut.

Depression is very difficult to deal with since it can make you think that your situation is hopeless. It can also make you think that you are alone and everybody is either against you or do not care. The feeling of helplessness is not uncommon and this slump is very difficult to get out of. It can rob you of confidence and self esteem. This can make you easy target for rivals in school or business.

If this is what you are feeling, you should be aware that you are having depression. Early awareness is essential to prevent it worsening. Try to get help as early as possible. If you do not want to get counseling, you can browse the Internet for other things that can help you. Bookstores also have self help books that deal about depression, anxiety and stress.

If you want to get out of depression, there are things that can be done but it needs you to be strong and determined. You need to focus on your goal and not be distracted or discouraged.

The first things you need to do is step back and look at the situation as if it belongs to another person to give you an objective view. Analyze the situation and know how it came about and how it could have been prevented. Then look for the solution. List down the steps in paper and place it somewhere you can always see to be reminded of your goals.

Also list down the self-defeating, negative messages that you give to yourself. Assess it and honestly rate if it is really true from 0-100%. Check out the distortions of these messages. Step back again to see it objectively. These distortions reflect aberrant thinking like all or nothing, disqualification of the positive, overgeneralization, exaggeration, doom-oriented, personalization and mislabeling to name a few. All in all, see if the messages are reasonable or not. You will find that they are more on the not.

Learn to refuse to beat yourself up. What happened has happened and there is no going back. What you can do is go forward. Look for other ways to make the situation better and turn it into something positive.

At the same time reduce your depression by comforting yourself. Do not think of it as indulgence but conditioning for your coming battle ahead. Get a massage or spa treatment to relax and take away the stress. Take a walk along the beach and enjoy the sun and sky and revitalize your mind and soul. Take in the fresh air and supply your brain with much needed oxygen.

Meditate to learn about yourself. See your strengths and weaknesses. Focus on what you can do and capitalize on it but not forgetting your shortcomings so you know your limits.

Once you are revitalized, you can start solving these issues. Refuse to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task. Do them one step at a time. Give yourself a pat on the back for every step accomplished to encourage your self. And lastly find a support group to make you feel that you are not alone.