Dance Classes for Adults and Children

Indian dance classes for adults and children are offered in New York and other parts of the US for people of both Indian and non-Indian origin. The classes cater to the requirements of kids and older students who haven’t danced before and also those who want to perfect their existing skills.

Indian Dance Classes for Adults and Children in the US

Parents concerned about their children idling away their time, can send them for these classes. Adults too would find these classes in the US a platform to hone their dancing skills and maybe spend some quality time with their partners. The classes would incorporate elements such as:

• Indian dance theory and other dance fundamentals
• Stretching exercises and warm-ups
• Correct facial expressions and body movements
• Gracefulness, rhythm, and timing
• Performance appraisals

Classes in Classical and Bollywood Dance Forms

Classes are available for classical dances such as Bharata Natyam, Kathak and Odissi, and also for Bollywood dance that blends Indian Classical, Western, and other dance styles.

Bharata Natyam – It is a South Indian classical dance form believed to have originated in Thanjavoor, Tamil Nadu and earlier known as “Daasiyattam.” This is because it used to be performed by the Devadasis of Tamil Nadu temples long ago. The performance begins with prayers to Lord Ganapathi and worship of Nataraja Moorthi. Facial expressions (bhavabhinaya) and hand gestures (hasthamudra) are the mode of communication.

Odissi – Devotion to Lord Krishna is the basis for this classical dance form that traces its beginning to the ritual dances performed in the temples of North India in ancient times. The dancers perform to lines from the Gita Govinda and invocations of Ganesha.

Kathak – The word Kathak comes from “Katha” which means “storytelling.” Traditionally, this North Indian dance had various narrators retelling different epic stories such as the Mahabharata, the Puranas, and the Ramayana. In Kathak, importance is given to the dancer’s footwork.

Bollywood Dance – It is the signature dance form of Indian films and is a mix of different styles both Indian and international. This includes Indian folk, classical dance, belly dancing, Western popular, jazz, Western erotic dancing, and modern dance.

Make an online search to find good institutions offering dance classes for adults and children. Then, just prepare a shortlist and arrive at your ideal choice.

Dance Classes New York – YICG in Long Island, NYC provide dance classes for adults and children.