Dallas Texas: Prime Areas To Invest

Dallas has grown into the ninth largest state in the United States. Being a business hub many young professionals and young families are relocating to Dallas. The average Dallas household income is $ 80,000 and above making the standard of living higher than most areas in the US. For both investors and home buyers the Dallas real estate market is a good investment. With a strong economy, a strong real estate market, a higher standard of living and a low crime rate Dallas is becoming the place to live

There are many popular areas to live in Dallas and among the most popular are:

McKinney: With a wonderful ranking on the crime index and rich community involvement McKinney is a wonderful area to invest. Over 30 percent of the population in McKinney is under the age of 18. The median household income is $ 93,842 and the median priced home is $ 147,000.

Rockwall: Rockwell is the second wealthiest county in Texas. The median household income as of 2000 was $ 65,411 and the median priced home is $ 169,000. Rockwell is considered to be one of the fastest growing counties in the United States and a wonderful real estate investment.

Denton: Property in Denton is in constant demand as it houses two the best universities in Texas, the University of North Texas and the Texas Womans University making the area is filled with many college students, The median household income as of 2008 was $ 46,428 and the median priced home is $ 155,000.

Lewisville: Lewisville posses a small town charm with great community involvement and a population of over 100,000 residents. Nearly 40 percent of the households have children and as of the year 2080 the median household income was $ 56,137. The median priced home in Lewisville is $ 168,000.

Cedar Hill: With an abundance of red cedar, Cedar Hill gets its name. The area provides residents with many fine restaurants, clubs and shopping. Parks and recreation are also attractions of the city. The average household income as of 2008 was $ 65,356 and the median priced home is $ 116,000.

Irving: Irving is a thriving community with Fort Worth on one side of it and Dallas on the other making Irving a very convenient place to live. Irving is also home to the first master planned development in the United States, Las Colinas. The median household income as of 2008 was $ 51,270 and the median priced home is $ 167,000. Irving features many beautiful communities with rich community involvement. The school districts in Irving are the Irving Independent School District, the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District and the Coppell Independent School District.

University Park: University Park is an upscale area of Texas. The median household income as of 2008 $ 151,418. The median household income for a family is considered to be over $ 200,000. University Park has been titled one of the best places to live in the United States. With a strong economy, reasonable real estate values and rich community involvement, University Park is a wonderful area to live and invest.