Dairy Packaging Quality Control Technology


With economic development, human Life Improvement of the quality requirements of Dairy products The demand for more and more, so many dairy manufacturers continue to introduce new Package To meet demand, aseptic packaging, packaging of boiling-resistant packaging and side cassette, roof type, Soft plastic packaging , Bottles and other emerging, dairy products Flexible Packaging Its unique advantages in the Dairy The proportion of packaging industry growing, but flexible product quality control problems has become increasingly prominent. The following is a dairy product quality flexible packaging testing technology introduced.

A dairy soft Packaging Materials Detection of composite strength

Dairy market flexible packaging such as aseptic pillow, mostly brick compound sterile Plastic , Composite paper. Flexible composite strength as high as possible, tear or destroy the most ideal, viscous, and the value from the composite layer to prevent. Composite materials After processing into bags, exposed to harsh environments, or by moisture and chemical composition of the compound layer is likely to cause harm. Use of high viscosity Adhesive Will undoubtedly achieve high-quality composite, while the production cost will increase. Both meet the requirements of the compound, but also cost savings, which requires the quality of the composite layer were measured and analyzed in order to find the appropriate technical factors combined. Existing domestic or imported, whether the pull peel test machine can be made, but they are General Type, the simple value of computing power. Jinan blue light PC Intelligent Electronic Pull Testing Machine Professional capacity for flexible packaging industry, the value of the smaller trial, fully in line with GB8808? 88 soft composite peel test, the unique truncated functions, use of the intermediate section integral for force values; accurate, real-time display force value and the curve , according to the measured force values to determine the use of adhesives; according to the volatility curve shows the uniformity of understanding of complex situations; through the curve superimposed to analyze the stability of this group of specimens; then accordingly adjust the production process, composite parameters .

Second, flexible packaging materials, dairy testing the friction coefficient

Friction coefficient through the packing material Test Can control and adjust the soft- Bags Opening of, Packaging Machine Packaging speed of production quality process criteria. Domestic equipment has been with international standards, but also a unique shock factor settings to suit different materials Film , Paper, intelligent data processing, the effective sample to judge the results of this group confidence, large-screen liquid crystal display real-time curve, intuitive judgments surface friction coefficient of uniformity. Production of packaging materials for manufacturers, through the opening test agent can choose the resin, slippery agent to control the type and content of the friction coefficient. The use of packaging materials manufacturers can effectively control Raw materials Quality.

3, dairy flexible packaging materials, ventilation, water vapor permeability test

Dairy packaging materials, breathable, moisture permeability studies, in the dairy industry is particularly important, their direct impact on product quality. Internationally as the United States film and Sport, the Danish company can measure the Diocesan indicators, their prices are about 450,000 yuan, and is a single chamber operation, the first test of a sample. Currently the company developed Jinan blue light permeability Tester Combines the most advanced technology, strong Software Function test data real-time display, the computer automatic two-way Monitor , While three-cavity combination test, test accuracy is stable and reliable, automatic error correction investigation, Temperature Drift, mercury-free Security Operations. Price is only about 120 thousand yuan.

4, dairy flexible sealing seal strength testing

Seal strength of the packaging material is an important performance index in terms of any of the bags made of flexible packaging material must be packaged in a variety of goods, packaged goods must seal to seal, to packing purposes. Seal to have a certain strength can withstand a certain pressure of the weight of the contents to ensure the product does not crack in the circulation process. The three factors sealing sealing temperature, pressure, time, according to the different needs of different materials, heat sealing elements. PC-based intelligent electronic tensile testing machine can be used for this test, and the device automatically reads the data, automatic sense of value, when the Fn +1> Fn storage Fn +1 value.

5, dairy packaging, sealing test Flexible sealing is also an important performance indicators, in particular dairy packaging, sealing of the product quality is also greatly affected. Good seal is the main cause of corruption in future leakage. Seal test a variety of methods, the most common method is to use the seal Tester , Using a vacuum principle, according to national standards at-30kpa,-50kpa,-70kpa,-90kpa kept at 0.5 minutes, test the Process of the observation time and vacuum to maintain vacuum during the sample leaks, whether continuous bubbles observed generated when there are not as isolated bubble leak. Determined by the tightness of the bag to measure the quality of, and then to determine the secret installation process is reasonable.

6, dairy packaging, quality inspection of other

Dairy packaging ultimate goal is sales, appearance Print The attractive packaging will no doubt attract the full Consumption Those eyes, and expand market share. Soft Packaging Printing Product density, density difference, color, Yan Color , Trapping rate, print contrast available through the X-Rite densitometer to measure spectral, and then to control the quality of printing crystal.

More flexible test several indicators of the actual production, the adjustment of production processes, improve product quality is essential, through continuous testing, with more reasonable range of production parameters, to guide the dairy packaging production. Xiao Bian excellent Recommendation: