Cure Your Athletes Foot Book Review


Dealing with pesky athletes foot can be a very stressful time. Once your feet start to itch it can carry on for hours and effect your work and even sleep. When you allow it to linger without getting proper treatment the itching can turn into something that is hard to control and make it almost impossible to walk without wanting to scratch your feet.

Not long ago I had to deal with the constant problem of athletes feet. In the beginning it was something I could deal with and almost enjoyable to scratch my feet. After some time I noticed that the problem gradually got worse and I would end up having to scratch my feet longer. Eventually it got to the point that it would really bother me at work and I had to leave the room just to scratch on my feet.

I went to the store and bought the cream and spray for it but by this time it got to the point that it did not help with my problem. I tried using both the cream and spray at the same time and it seemed like nothing I tried helped with my problem.

I checked online and I tried all the remedies I could find and nothing really seemed it would cure my problem. It was starting to get really annoying since I have a desk job and people can easily see my scratching at my own feet. I checked out a book that claimed to Cure Your Athletes Foot and with the reviews it seemed like I had nothing to lose.

After a day or two I did not have the urge to scratch my feet nearly as much. After a few days the urge was completely gone and my feet were starting to look much better. The redness was gone and they were no longer dry at all. I am glad that I found the Cure Your Athletes Foot book as it saved me frustration and time wasted.