Cure Asthma With the Help of Home Remedies


Globalization and industrialization have raised the life standard of a common man but at the other end it has badly deteriorated environmental and climate conditions. So, asthma is actually a repercussion of rapidly prevailing industrialization and globalization. Mostly adolescents and children have been seen quite prone towards the disease ‘asthma’. Probably, the reason would be weak resistance power.

Primarily, it affects our respiratory system and becomes the reason for inflammation in bronchi and bronchioles. A special type of chemical releases due to inflammation and it constricts the entrances of the lung tissue. Hence, coughing sound may produce along with wheezing. Asthma allergy is a genetic problem as well. So, if your parents have asthma then you may also have chances. Let’s have a look upon few home remedies for effective asthma treatment.

• One should take before sleeping, ‘half tablespoon of cinnamon powder along with a tablespoon of honey’.
• Eight to ten cloves of boiled garlic in half a cup of milk before sleeping also can be quite effective asthma medication.
• Figs are also quite popular home remedy. One should take three-four dry figs with water and drench them in a cup of water and consume in empty stomach.
• A cup of water with soaking one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds during the night enhances your asthmatic resistance power.
• Paste of bitter gourd roots along with identical amount of honey or juice of tulsi leaves is also instant curing asthma treatment solution.
• Two times daily doses of steamed ginger tea with garlic cloves may be an unusual sort of asthma treatment solution but it is an old well known home remedy.
• Another old asthma home remedy is the breathing of steam of ajwain and boiling water. One can drink it as well along with one teaspoonful honey twice or thrice daily.

Besides all above mentioned remedies, there are countless many more. For instance, one can soak dry grapes in water whole night and then keep them in cold milk at least for thirty minutes and chew them.